Washington Post: Rick Perry and ‘Ni**erhead’

On Sunday, the Washington Post did its best to cast racial slurs and accusations at Texas governor and Presidential candidate, Rick Perry, in the typical tradition of Democratic controlled liberal media.

In an era when racial inequality was common place, many geographical landmarks including mountains, hills, valley, streams and rock outcrops were given names that expressed the racial prejudices of the discoverer or owner.

This story centers around a remote hunting camp located on the Clear Fork of the Brazos River in western Texas.  In large block letters, the word ‘Ni**erhead’ (without the asterisks) was boldly displayed on a rock near the entrance to the hunting camp.  No one knows when the name was painted, but it was many, many years ago.

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In the early 1980s, Ray Perry and his son Rick were among those that started hunting at the secluded camp.  And for a number of years, the name of the camp remained on the rock near the gated entrance to the camp.  Eventually the name was painted over with a layer of white paint, but as time and weather wears away at all things, the racial name is still barely discernable.

When Perry was asked about the hunting camp and the name, he explained that his dad first leased the property in 1983 and painted over the offensive name in either 1983 or 1984.  Eventually his father turned the rock over to hide the name.  Ever since then the rock has remained painted over.  He added that he agreed with the father that the name was offensive and needed to be removed or covered up.

Rick Perry’s name didn’t appear on the lease with his father until 1997 and again in 2004.

The Washington Post claimed to have interviewed at least 7 people who have different memories of the rock with the infamous name.  Some claim that they recall seeing the name on the rock in the mid to late 1980s and felt it was offensive and would come back to hurt Perry’s political career.  But all those interviewed did recall seeing the rock painted over at some point, but did not specify exactly when.

Even though neither Rick Perry or his father had anything to do with the naming of the hunting camp or painting the name on the rock, the Washington Post in typical liberal Democrat smear tactics, are doing their best to implicate Perry as being a racist because of it.  They also ignore the fact that most witnesses admit the name was painted over prior to the time when Rick Perry’s name appeared on the lease with his father.

Mind you this is the same newspaper that crucified Republican Vice-President Dan Quayle for misspelling potato and then defended Democratic President Bill Clinton for committing adultery in the Oval Office.  They clearly have an extremely biased position and hypocritical set of standards.  It also shows to what lengths Obama’s supporters will go to demean and slander his challengers for the Oval Office.

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