Watching the EPA Coup In Progress: New Report

It is hard to keep track of everything that is happening with our Executive Branch conquering the United States. Happily, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has documented one element of that campaign in their new annual report, “The US Environmental Protection Agencies Assault On State Sovereignty.” The Fox News story on the report brings out two items especially: 1. How the EPA has taken over control of the states at a level that was unprecedented before the Obama Administration; and 2. How the EPA colludes with ideological lobbying groups to ratchet up control over the country.

“The ALEC report showed that in President Obama’s first term, the number of times the agency has rejected state proposals or taken over state programs has skyrocketed. ‘The agency has expanded its own prerogatives, at the expense of the states’ rightful authority,’ the report said. The report looked first at the EPA’s efforts to ensure states comply with the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. During the second term of the George W. Bush administration, the EPA rejected state proposals a total of just 12 times. During the last four years, the Obama EPA rejected those proposals 95 times. The EPA also initiated a total of 19 state-level takeovers in that time, something the EPA rarely did in the years preceding the Obama administration.”

The study describes a strategy of Punch and Judy shows in the courts in which the EPA settles with the radical environmentalist bringing the lawsuit by changing policy to further coerce and control the states. There were fifteen of these “sue and settle” claims during the second Clinton Administration. During Obama’s first term there were forty-eight, “producing $13 billion in annual regulatory costs.

What is clear from the Fox story (though the text contains no such admission) is that future historians will identify the coup as having taken place a generation ago.

“Obama, in defending his administration’s energy policies and the EPA’s mission, noted Tuesday that the Clean Air Act of 1970 passed Congress almost unanimously. And he reminded the public that the Supreme Court ruled that greenhouse gasses are considered pollutants under that law.”

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The people of the United States are, in relation to their Federal government, in a situation akin to a husband who managed to get his wife to sign a document trading her status of spouse for that of a chattel slave, but who kept her from realizing what was happening at first by not changing how he treated her. We were sold under past presidents now dead. Our present regime is simply informing us of what our status really is and has been for quite some time.

So perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word “coup,” in the title of this post. The EPA’s offensive is more like one arm of a Federal mopping up operation.

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