Water Company Makes Lake Disappear Overnight, Blames Drought

In the shadowy world of government, it has occasionally happened that files disappear, tapes get erased, even occasionally an inconvenient person vanishes as he gets reassigned to Ice Station Zebra.

But making an entire lake disappear overnight is pretty impressive.

That apparently is what happened to Mountain Meadows Reservoir in Lassen County, California, which is owned by Pacific Gas and Electric.

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PG&E officials are blaming a long-faulty valve.

All local residents know is that earlier this month they were boating and fishing on the reservoir, which like others in the state has been at very low levels recently, then the next day they were looking at a mud flat full of flopping, gasping fish.

According to PG&E, the cause is that darn valve, which had to be unclogged as frequently as twice a day in order to allow water to flow into downstream creeks and water storage.

But PG&E officials apparently decided to stop maintaining the valve and all of a sudden, SHLUUURRPPP. There goes the reservoir.

“Something went haywire,” said Aaron Seandel, chairman of a local water quality committee.

Odd how a valve that has to be unclogged every day in order to let water flow out of the reservoir suddenly causes the reservoir to completely drain when it is no longer being unclogged regularly.

Or perhaps I’m just nitpicking unimportant details.

Normally before draining a reservoir, some effort is made to move the local fish. But if the lake vanishes in the middle of the night and the fish are already dead or dying, what are you gonna do?

None of the fish in the reservoir, by the way, are considered endangered, unlike the Delta smelt, which California treats as the most important non-native bait fish in the world, and which provides the reasoning behind destroying the state’s agriculture industry.

I recall reading that if the state of California had stuck to the plans laid out for its water system in the 1950s and 1960s, it would have three times the water storage capacity it has currently, which would mean that with the same water usage there would still be more than enough water available for normal operations throughout the state despite the current drought.

But environmentalism and general liberal negligence have led the state to its current thirsty pass. So now is the time when California’s Progressives will start taking advantage of nature’s handy dandy crisis.

Just like they can make a lake disappear overnight, expect to start seeing Californians’ rights disappear overnight as the state begins to implement new regulations under cover of darkness.

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