Water on Mars Confirms Biblical Creationist Prediction

If I had $100 for every time I’ve heard or read someone say that you can’t be a genuine scientist and believe in biblical creationism, I’d be as wealthy as Donald Trump. Many claim that biblical creationists are living centuries in the past and need to catch up to modern science and technology.

The fact is there are thousands of very qualified and professional scientists around the world that believe in biblical creationism. Some are professors at renowned and prestigious universities colleges around the globe. Many others work for research labs and private companies.

One of those scientists is Dr. D. Russell Humphries, whom I’ve had the privilege to know personally for the past 20 years. Russ earned a degree in physics from Duke University and a Ph.D. in physics from LSU. In 1979, he started working at the prestigious Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico. Initially he worked on nuclear physics, geophysics, pulsed-power research and theoretical atomic and nuclear physics. In 1985 he started working on Sandia’s ‘Particle Beam Fusion Project’ and was the co-inventor of special laser-triggered ‘Rimfire’ high-voltage switches that are now in common use. He retired from Sandia in 2001.

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A list of Russ’s research projects include:

  • Designed and theoretically analyzed thermonuclear fusion targets using radiation hydrodynamic codes.
  • Designed key high-voltage parts of Sandia’s 100-Terawatt Particle Beam Fusion Accelerator II and conducted fusion power experiments on it. Same designs are in use today on Sandia’s Z machine.
  • Research on low-temperature solids and studies on superconductors.
  • Nuclear weapons projects, including stockpile engineering for W87 firing set.
  • Helped design new inkjet printer component and shared patent on it.
  • Developed high repetition-rate neutron tube driver and gamma-ray spectrometer for borehole logging applications. Patent on high-voltage power supply for it.
  • Patents on wide-bandwidth electric field sensor and high-voltage neutron tube supply. Designed lightning current waveform recorder which won IR-100 Award.
  • Studied electric fields and ion currents under ultrahigh voltage DC transmission lines.
  • Theoretical studies of relativistic velocity dependence of nuclear forces.

However, if you ask Russ, his greatest achievement in life occurred in 1969 when he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior while working on his doctoral dissertation. From that time on, Russ saw the evidence of a Creator God in every aspect of his years of science research.

On one of the occasions when I had a chance to sit down with Russ Humphries, he explained to me his theory on the creation of the earth and universe based upon a literal reading of Genesis 1. I’ll paraphrase it for you here:

In Genesis 1:2, it describes the earth as without form and void. Russ believes that God started His creation with water. The universe was just water with what would become the earth located somewhere in the center of all of the water.

In Genesis 1:6-8, it describes God creating an expanse in the midst of the waters. He separated the waters above from the waters below with that expanse which He named heaven. For years, many people believed that the waters above refer to a vapor canopy outside our atmosphere, but that is not biblically accurate.

In Genesis 1:14-18, it describes God’s creation of the Sun, moon and stars, all of which God placed in the expanse between the waters above and the waters below. Russ points out that this means that the waters above are beyond our visible universe.

Based on this understanding of the Genesis account of creation, Russ predicted that we would find evidence of water – liquid, vapor and frozen – throughout the universe. He made this prediction long before NASA started sending probes to investigate our solar system. To date, that’s exactly what NASA keeps finding and the latest discovery of flowing water on Mars only confirms Russ’s earlier predictions based upon his belief in biblical creation.

Finding water throughout the universe is not the only predictions Russ Humphries has made that have since been proven true. He also predicted that certain planets in our solar system would have solid cores and magnetic fields and again, all of those predictions were eventually proven to be accurate.

When I heard all of the liberal media jumping for joy over NASA’s announcement of flowing water on Mars, I couldn’t help but smile and think that a biblical creationist predicted finding water on Mars when most of the evolutionary world believed it to be an arid planet. So who is really living in the past and needs to catch up on modern science?

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