We Must Overcome This Democrat Treason

By Jim Bowman

The opinion that “enough is enough” is gaining momentum and curiously, even from the sector of the democrat’s base. The insult of this election denial, which the majority in the House continues to continue, has long ago run its course. So when will this Trump resistance and hate end?

While shock waves and fear reverberate within media and political circles, the reality of the results from fifty individual State elections is valid and will remain so. Adjust to the fact that Trump leads. The possibility of “it’s her turn” was soundly dashed and America still awaits her “first female President.” Suffice to say that thankfully, a President was elected by not acting like or being a career politician!

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Now about the where and when and the why of this racial/gender equality replacing the responsibility of electing the most qualified individual for filling the position of America’s President and Commander-in-Chief? This should have been embarrassingly clear after the previous eight inept years; of which these misplaced priorities helped produced. This emotional dithering nearly brought America to her economic knees under Obama’s ominous forecast of a “new normal.” And despite the obstructionism in Congress, it took less than two years to deflate Obama’s economic sham.

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This agenda of resistance against a duly elected President has now delved into a treasonous aspect. It’s no longer about the favorite losing but about the underlining threat of an outsider being at the controls. Not being a politician equates with being a danger against all that has preceded; vulnerability especially regarding with the growth of unconstitutional power, questionable alliances/pacts, along with heightened restrictions against our small business community lead the list.

And dare we remember back to when Trump first ventured into the issue of illegal immigration? What career politician on that stage didn’t shutter a bit when envisioning that if successful, Trump would halt this expensive agenda and maybe even worse, redirect America from it anti-American course? In that one instance, the contest went from Presidential competition to that of defending and preserving the status quo of this global hood wink.

The driving force within this anti-Trump media /political circus is just that; protect what Trump threatens by continual attacks and false accusations. Never mind how out of order or even illegal are the demands, there are more important agendas to safeguard.

Evidence of this transition, from capitalism to socialism is hard to ignore. Public speak, ala Bernie Sanders, has now elevated the evilness of socialism onto a fluffy level where everyone is supposedly equal. However, media broadcasts are devoid of any coverage detailing “the lifestyles of the…” in Russia since average Russia lacks the success of being “rich’ or “famous.”

For the skeptics among us, consider such useful phrases as a “Constitutional crisis” or their usual democracy rhyme, which in theory, legalizes the “popular vote” debauchery. Tactics such as assigning their actions onto the opposition is classic for juicing up public unrest while adhering to Alinsky’s tactic of deflecting attention through ridicule.

The hyping of this crisis is from the ‘just resist’ crowd, which currently seems willing to demand, through a subpoena threat, that the Attorney General must comply, and criminally if necessary! Also too, this incessant harping about a ‘popular vote’ is nonsense since America is a Republic; not the wild orgy of emotions which characterizes a democracy.

Still, to plant the suggestion in the public arena provides the necessary first step for energizing public unrest. And this communist tactic has produced results which justified Lenin placing the word “useful” in front of his demeaning “idiots” label. Also, as present events reveal, the easiest to incite always lies with the young; those who still believe in their idealisms since life, and in this case, socialism hasn’t yet to become such a harsh reality.

Admitting that the enemy walks among us is an understatement. What’s left when combining this home grown curriculum of socialistic thought with this rag tag alien migration which is breaching our inadequate and unprepared borders?

Finally our enemy gains strength from his reliance of time, assuming that we will wither from age and public ridicule. To counter this, Americans must be defiant of this political correctness. True America entails her basic freedoms, of which freedom of speech is our starter. Some things will never change. Our Founders understood, now, our enemies must also!

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