We Need a Ronald Reagan, Not a Mitt Romney

As I’ve listened to Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney, I can’t help but wish that we had another Ronald Reagan.

Mitt Romney does not appear to have the ability to stand up in a debate with President Obama. He doesn’t have the direct hard hitting tactics necessary to discuss the topics that matter most to the American people. Romney just isn’t a Ronald Reagan, but oh how I wish he were.

Listen to these clips taken from the debates that Ronald Reagan had with then President Jimmy Carter.

While inflation may have been one of the biggest concerns at the time, many of the things that Reagan says are still true today. He hits on big government, government spending, energy, defense and the American way of life.

Of the Republican candidates still left in the race for the GOP nomination, the only one that comes close to saying some of the things that Reagan said in 1980 is Ron Paul. He may say them in a different way, but what Paul is saying is basically many of the same things that Reagan not only said, but did. And look at how he turned the nation around into one of the most prosperous times in our nation’s history.

If any of the Republican candidates are serious about willing the GOP nomination and defeating Obama in November, I would strongly suggest they spend some time studying this video and others of the Reagan – Carter debates and implement many of the same things that Reagan used to win the election and save the nation.

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