Welcome to the Nightmare Our Founding Fathers Risked Their Lives to Prevent

America has become a nation where the cries and screams of a few are successfully stealing the rights away from the majority.

Take the case of all the uproar about Kim Davis, the elected County Clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky. She has refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples based upon her Christian faith. She says that to affix her name to a document that affirms a same-sex marriage is a violation of her faith and when asked on whose authority she answers on God’s authority.

But what the press isn’t telling you is that the gay couple creating the stink against Davis is from Ohio. They are driving miles across state borders just to target a Christian who is trying to live by her faith. The gay couple can easily apply for and receive a marriage license in their home county in Ohio, so their actions have nothing to do with just their desire to marry but has everything to do to force a Christian to go against her faith or quit her job.

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I saw a news clip with gay couple who claimed that it’s not fair for Davis to force her beliefs on them because they are not trying to force their beliefs on her, but that’s an outright lie. They drove from Ohio across state lines into Kentucky for the sole purpose of forcing their sinful beliefs on Kim Davis. The same thing has been happening to Christian business owners ever since Barack Obama empowered homosexuals.

And then we have all of the many one-sided claims of racism. If a white person does anything they are labeled a racist, but you rarely ever see blacks being called racist for their hatred towards whites.

The latest example of this is the uproar over the newly released music video by Taylor Swift in which she portrays a romantic time that took place decades ago in Africa. The story is about the romance of a white man and a white woman. Now everyone is up in arms because her video doesn’t include any blacks. How many music videos have you seen that are all black? There are tons of them yet no one labels them as being racist.

It’s okay to have a Black History Month, Black Entertainment Channel, Congressional Black Caucus, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Affirmative Action and the list goes on and on. None of these are considered racist, yet if anyone dares form an organization for whites they are instantly persecuted for being racist.

Liberals around the nation are also attacking anything conservative they can. They distort and lie in order to make conservative views to be hateful and wrong. Liberals are re-writing American history to make it read the way they want instead of the way it was.

In the same way, illegals target American patriotism. A few years ago they raised the Mexican flag above the American flag at a California high school. When American students wore shirts with anything patriotic including the American flag, they claimed it offended them and the schools came down on the Americans, not the illegals or Mexicans.

Anytime liberals, homosexuals, black and Hispanic racists claim they are offended, Americans lose more of their rights. However, no one cares if a Christian or conservative is offended and they are told be to more tolerant of those who are completely intolerant of them.

We’re not allowed to display or teach anything about the Civil War or the Confederate States because it denotes slavery. Universities are banning free speech and eliminating offensive terms like ‘male’, ‘female’ and use terms like ‘non-white’. We’re not allowed to use the term ‘illegal alien’ or ‘illegal immigrant’ because illegals are offended by the truth of who they really are. I know of real estate agents who have been told to no not use terms like ‘master bedroom’ because it denotes slavery and don’t use any terms referring to a house, apartment or property that has a scenic view because it discriminates against the blind and visually impaired. One agent told me she was told not to even use the term ‘quiet neighborhood’ because it could denote a senior citizen community.

In America today, if you are a conservative Christian white male, you are the enemy of liberals, racist blacks and homosexuals. For over 200 years, the Constitution would have protected you and your rights, but today, the courts are full of liberal judges who rule on agenda rather than law and your rights are no longer protected or guaranteed. In fact you can pretty much bet that you have no more rights to hold to your conservative Christian faith, morals, values or American patriotism. We don’t have the right of free speech or religion; we’re losing our right to own and bear arms; we’re losing our right of protection against illegal search and seizure; states have lost their 10th Amendment right of control over the federal government; the president and courts have taken over the role of Congress in creating and deleting laws; the federal government is taking over private industries and forcing citizens to purchase products from private companies and the list goes on and on.

Welcome to the nightmare our Founding Fathers risked their lives to prevent.

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