Welfare Vacations Around the World

The last time I took a vacation away from home was nearly 10 years ago. Except for the 2 years I spent trying to find a job after being laid off, I’ve worked my entire life since 1964 when I was twelve years old. I started out mowing lawns in the trailer park we lived in for 50¢ a yard. I also collected scorpions and sold them to a professor at the local university for 5¢ each.

In the forty years I’ve been married, we’ve only been able to afford to take three vacations away from home. We’ve never made a lot of money and just have not been able to afford to go anywhere even though we have always wanted to.

Yet, poor people on welfare, at least in California, have been taking vacations to Florida and Hawaii and cruises to destinations around the world as well as numerous trips to Las Vegas at the cost of over $69 million of taxpayer money.

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I’m sure that California is not the only state experiencing such welfare abuse and fraud. I’ve seen people on welfare in other states driving more expensive cars and wearing more expensive clothes than I’ve ever been able to afford. I’ve also seen evidence of illegal drug use amongst people on welfare, which is why I support mandatory drug tests for all welfare recipients. If hundreds of thousands of Americans have to take drug tests to earn the money the taxes are collected from, then those that receive the money should also have to be tested.

Democrats, more than any other political party or group, continue to defend the current welfare program and often push to give welfare recipients more and more so they can continue to buy cars, clothes, drugs and take vacations that hard working taxpayers can’t afford. Something has to be done to clean up the welfare system and it appears that it has to start from the top (White House) on down to state and local levels. Remove those in office, regardless of what political party they belong to, that support the current system and replace them with men and women that will take steps to clean up the welfare system and make it for living expenses only.

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