Were Election Computers Programmed in Ohio to Give Obama the Victory?

Ohio has long been considered to be one of the most important swing states in the nation. In recent decades whoever wins Ohio seems to also win the White House.  This year, Barack Obama won the election in Ohio by only 103,481 votes out of the total of 5,291,039 votes. This is a difference of only 1.9% of the vote.

There is been a lot written about possible election fraud in Ohio in this year’s presidential election as in years past. I reported earlier that during the early voting in Ohio voters in one voting precinct found that when they selected Mitt Romney the voting machine gave the vote to Barack Obama. This happened on more than one occasion.

In Cleveland, 149 precincts out of a total of 1077 precincts in all of Cuyahoga County reported fewer than 10 votes for Mitt Romney. Statistically this is extremely rare and many experts suggest that this represents some sort of voter fraud.

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Then I received an email containing the video below, which to the best of my knowledge took place in March 2006. Testifying under oath before the Ohio state legislature, computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testified how easy it is to program voting machines to rig an election to come out with the results you want. Curtis testified that he wrote such a program to help Tom Feeney (R-FL) with his bid for re-election to the US House of Representatives. Listen to the testimony given by Curtis as to how easy it was to write such an undetectable program prior to 2006 and then realize how much easier it would be to do so now.

Electronic voting machines were put into practice to speed up election results and supposedly make it harder for people to rig an election. In lieu of the testimony given in the video it seems that the electronic voting machines actually make it easier to rig an election to give the desired candidate his/her victory.

In Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland, the final vote was Barack Obama 420,953 to Mitt Romney’s 184,475 votes.  Considering Obama won Ohio with less than a margin of 104,000 votes, it makes one question the accuracy and legitimacy of the county’s election system.

After listening to the testimony of Clinton Curtis, I’m not sure if we’ll ever know the true vote for Ohio or the rest of the nation. The Obama administration and campaign have been the most corrupt, law breaking, whining and dishonest of any in the history of the United States.

As an American citizen, I believe deep down in my heart that Barack Obama stole the election by rampant voter fraud in Ohio, Florida, Virginia and who knows how many other states. I also believe that this may have been the last free election we have as Americans, and if they continue to use computerized voting machines I’m sure the elections will be decided long before ballots are cast.

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