What do Legal Immigrants Think about the Current Illegal Immigrant Situation?

Yes, immigration again.  And I want to clarify a few points before going on.  I’ve received a number of comments from some of you stating that I am against all immigration and what about my ancestors who came to this country and so on.  So please allow me that opportunity to address those comments before I move into today’s blog.

Yes, my ancestors came to America, but they did it under the legal terms of the day, which at the time, there really weren’t any legal terms.  I’ve done quite a bit of genealogy work on my family and have traced a few of them back to the homelands.  I had ancestors that came here from England and Scotland in the 1600s.  I also had ancestors that came here from Germany during World War 1 to escape the oppression of the Kaiser.  However, they followed legal channels at the time and were granted entry under those conditions.  My wife’s father came to the US legally when he was only 17 years of age.  He entered through Ellis Island and stayed with his uncle while he went to college.

Our ancestors used the legal process in place at the time.  I have a number of close friends that also came to the US and did so legally.  They applied for entry to the country.  Some had to wait a number of years before being granted permission to come here, and they waited until they received that permission.  In one case, the parents were granted permission a few years before their teenage daughter was.  It was a fearful time for them as they lived in a country that wasn’t safe and they feared leaving their daughter behind, but had to.  She stayed with relatives until she finally received permission from the US government to come.  They followed every legal requirement the government set before them.  And in some cases, it wasn’t cheap to do so.  They found jobs and have been responsible for their own families.  They have all studied and went through the legal process to become US citizens.

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In one case, a family was told that it would take a minimum of seven years before they would be allowed into the US because of the country they lived in.  Canada told them it would only be a two year wait, so they applied to Canada and after two years were allowed to move there.  Two years later, they were allowed by the US government to move from Canada to the US.  The father told me that it was important for him to follow the legal processes to bring his family to the US because of the example it set for his children.  He explained it to me this way.  Had he broken the law and smuggled his family into the country, how could he expect his children to respect any other law?  He felt it would set a poor example for his kids and the he would not have any right to insist that be law abiding people if he had broken the law to begin with.

I’ve talked with them about the illegal immigration system to get their perspective on how the government is handling or not handling the problem.  Every one of them have told me that they find it an affront to them to see how US government and especially Obama has failed to act upon the millions of illegals entering the country.  They tell me that it cost them substantial amounts of money to go through legal channels but they did it because they knew it was the right thing to do and that it was a matter of pride.  To see so many illegals coming here and receiving government handouts and benefits that US citizens don’t get is something they don’t understand.  They tell me the system is backwards.  They also tell me that their US citizenship means more to them because they had to work long and hard to obtain it, rather than having it handed to them.

When I asked them how they would handle the illegal immigrants, they all tell me that they would have them all rounded up and deported back to their countries.  If they want to come to the US, then do it legally like they did.

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