What Do We Do With Iran’s Nuclear Threat?

The news has been filled with reports about Iran having capability to use nuclear weapons along with their threats to close the Strait of Hormuz and launch attacks against Israel and within the US.

Over the years, I’ve watched as one president after another has tried to negotiate some sort of peace accord with Iran and as far back as I can remember they all have failed.  Iran has always flaunted their hatred towards America in front of us and the entire world.

Do you recall the Tehran hostage situation that started on November 4, 1979 and lasted 444 days?  The Iranian Revolution stormed the US embassy and took 52 Americans hostage.  Then President Jimmy Carter was completely worthless when the only action he would authorize was a rescue mission that many military advisors warned him that  was flawed and had very little chance of success.  It wasn’t until one day after Ronald Reagan was sworn in that the hostages were finally released.

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I just finished reading a report from a former CIA operative who had infiltrated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  He tells of Iran’s ideology and how it is totally different than what many US Presidents have believed it to be and that it is also totally incompatible with any kind of peaceful negotiations with the US.

According to his information, Iran has enough enriched uranium to build four nuclear bombs and is in the processing of enriching more.  The leadership of the country is bound and determined to being America and its allies (Israel) to our knees in front of the whole world and will stop at nothing to accomplish it.

When Obama first took office, this operative sent him a letter detailing the events and ideology in Iran and that the only hope the US had was to support those in Iran who were trying to push for democracy.  He told the Obama that he ‘was worried that he failed to see the realities of the regime’s fanaticism.’

Like presidents before him, Obama did not listen to someone with firsthand knowledge and understanding of the situation.  Obama continued to try to broker some kind of mutual agreement on their nuclear program.  The ex-agent reminded the President that every similar attempt to negotiate in the past had always ended in failure and that the Iranians only met at the table to talk to buy time for what they had planned.

In 2009, Obama was virtually brimming with joy as he fully believed that he had actually gotten the Iranians to agree to an accord only to find out that it has all been a ruse and lie on the part of the Iranians when they announced that they had enriched more uranium than the US believed they had.

The ex-CIA agent said that Obama blew the best chance for democracy and peace in Iran, when the US failed to back or support the democracy protests in the country.  He believes that with US support and aid that the push for democracy could have succeeded and changed the Iranian government.

However, America’s silence and apathy to the cause of democracy was sharply felt when the government cracked down hard on the protesters.  They arrested over ten thousand people.  Many women involved were raped by government troops.  An untold number of Iranian citizens were tortured and executed for their role in the democracy movement.

And Iran turned and shook their fist at America one more time and Obama just stood there and kept asking why can’t we just talk this thing through.

As I see it, we have two options at this point as to what to do with Iran.  The first option is to actively support any movement in the country that pushes for democracy and an overthrow of their current government.  The second option is to quit talking to them and leave them alone.  However under this option, we must be carefully monitoring them so that if they do take any action against the US or our allies that we will be prepared to strike back quick and decisively.  If it comes to that, then we need to be committed to target their political leaders and cut the head off the dragon.

Some may say that continued talking and negotiations are a viable third option, but after over forty years of failed talks and negotiations, why waste our time?  It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that talking is not going to work with these people.

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