What I Expect from a President Michele Bachmann

An open letter to Michele Bachmann. You are now a candidate for the President of the United States of America. You took the time to announce your candidacy. But what does this announcement mean for America? The announcement is the easy part and now it’s done. The road to getting elected begins.

Now that the announcement jitters are behind you, I would like to extend a short list of what our country expects from you (Thanks to the staff for some suggestions):

1. Say what you mean and mean what you say. You’re affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and that affiliation assumes you are a God fearing individual. You say you spent weeks in prayer over the decision to run for President, so I will take you at your word. I don’t expect you to be God, but when God speaks there is no question about it. He means what He says and says what He means. A country should expect as  much from a leader. Be honest and there will be no tracks to cover.

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2. Say ‘No’ to special interests. Ignore them. I don’t care how big or how good they are or how much money they did or will donate. Special interests have only their own interests in mind. It’s too tempting to cave. If they never get you in their pocket, you’ll never owe them any favors.

3. Say (and do) what is right. Focus on our Federal government’s Constitutional limits and our individual freedoms. Get us out of this regulated mess and we will thank you. We used to be a land where people came to prosper. Now we are a land where people come to leech. Only when we are de-leeched can our country begin to have her blood flow stress free and then she can build herself back up to full strength.

4. Use your veto pen often. As President you hold more power by not signing bills into law than you do as the voice of the nation. You should require all bills to be focused on one particular item. No more packaged deals. With each package we end up with less freedom and more government. If there is even one iota of an item that does not belong in a bill because it is not Constitutional, veto the whole bill. Congress will get the message even if it takes them getting voted out.

5. Don’t play the friend game. Politics is dirty, it doesn’t have to be. People are only your friend when they want something. The country needs healing and her freedoms back. Be strong and focused, and your country will love you, even if it hurts for awhile.

6. Push to get rid of as many taxes as possible. Stick to your word and don’t sign into law any new taxes, no matter how FAIR they may seem.

7. If elected, begin the process of radical change all at once. Like pulling a bandaid off a hairy arm, it’s best to get the pain over early. Don’t give the opposition time to breathe.

8. Go to the people with your message. Use every media source you can find. Go around the media gatekeepers if you have to, and you will have to.

9. Explain to the people that by unleashing the power of the free market, everybody benefits. With reduced taxes and regulations, businesses will be eager to hire. They have to know that the rules won’t change in two years.

If any of our readers have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below and we may update this list with it!

Please also share this list with anyone and everyone so we can be sure to get it in front of Michele Bachmann, and maybe she’ll send us a response! Please be sure to include a link back to this post. Thanks!

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