The first thing I like about Pres. Trump is that he defeated Hillary Clinton. I can’t imagine what it would be like today if Hillary had won. I’m convinced that all the shenanigans the Clintons were involved in over the years, especially this latest Russian uranium deal, were done because she firmly believed she could not have been defeated in a presidential run.

Consider this from a September 2016 article:

Hillary Clinton is so far ahead of Donald Trump in the race for the presidency that she no longer even feels the need to pay attention to the Republican nominee.

None of what we’re hearing about today would have come to light. We knew about the uranium deal during Obama’s presidency but the media did not report on it like they have not reported on it for more than a week since the story’s been revived. But even that’s beginning to change:

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Already the mainstream media, which one year ago promoted Hillary Clinton as a “glowing goddess,” is slowly but surely publishing headlines linking the Clintons to the Russian Uranium One scandal. (Infowars)

Trump has made it acceptable to push back. What was lacking among Republicans, especially during eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency, was pushing back against the Democrats and the media.

Trump pushes back. I’ve run into a number of Trump supporters who at first didn’t like the way he pushed back. But now many are seeing that it’s having an effect on draining the swamp. He has the Democrats and some of the RINO swamp dwellers on the run. They are protesting his “decorum,” that he’s not being “presidential.” Sure, he says some things that he shouldn’t but in the long game, he’s doing the right thing.

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