What if There Never Was a Steve Jobs?

The whole world is mourning the death of Steve Jobs.  At 56 years of age, Jobs lost his 6 year battle with cancer.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said the news of Jobs death hit him like a sledge hammer.  He then talked about his years of working with Jobs at Apple.  How the company went from a garage to near bankruptcy to being one of the most influential companies of our day.

Wozniak said that he would design electronic gadgets and toys that he wanted for himself and Jobs had all of the ideas of how to promote it.  Jobs would then push and strive for new and improved innovations and then had the flare for the public unveiling of them.  At one time when Apple was struggling, Steve Jobs was fired by the company that he and Wozniak had founded.  Eventually the company realized that it needed Jobs and he returned to Apple and took it to a company whose stock is selling for over $380 per share.

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Steve Jobs mother was an unwed coed at the time of her pregnancy.  Fortunately for the world, she gave the child up for adoption rather than having an abortion.  Even though abortion was not as common or acceptable back then, it was available.

But what if?

What if Job’s mother had decided to abort her inconvenient pregnancy?  Just imagine what the world would have missed out on without a Steve Jobs.  No Macintosh computers, no Apple computers, no IPod, no IPhone, no IPad.

How many other things has the world missed out on because of the over 50 million lives that were ended before they had a chance to see the light of the world?  Did we miss out on a great politician, author, actor, musician, inventor, economist, peace maker, teacher, doctor, or preacher?

As you reflect on how much Steve Jobs impacted the world, I hope and pray you also reflect on how many other Steve Jobs the world has missed out on because of abortion.

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