What is Wrong with Society – McDonald’s Brawls Become the New Norm

The NYPD is investigating a ruthless attack which came to light after it popped up on the Internet recently. In the video four teenage girls attack another young girl in a McDonalds near Erasmus High School in New York. The people in the restaurant, filled mostly with teenagers, can be seen and heard screaming and cheering (and spitting foul language) as the girl is beaten unconscious.

The young girl does her best to defend herself, but the brutal attack is too much to bear, and she eventually falls motionless beneath the vicious onslaught.

Through it all, none of those present to see the horrible attack do anything to stop the violence. This is is the worst of humanity on full display, and it is hard to watch.



Sadly this isn’t an isolated incident; just a couple of months a similarly disgusting display of violence took place at a McDonald’s in Chicago.



What is wrong with people? Has our culture become so desensitized to violence that we’ve allowed this repulsive behavior to become commonplace? Wake up, America.

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