What Would You Say To President Obama If You Had The Chance?

Last night I had the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama face to face.  We shook hands and exchanged the typical superficial greetings and then he asked me what was on my mind.

I looked the President straight in the eyes and told him that I thought he was intentionally destroying America for his own subversive political agenda.  He had a shocked look on his face and kind of stammered at first, not knowing what to say without his teleprompter.  After a few seconds to compose himself, he got a serious look on his face and asked me why I felt that way.

I told him that it all starts with his refusal to prove to the American people that he is legally eligible to hold the office of President of the United States.  If he had nothing to hide, then why is he hiding the records of his birth and even his college transcripts from Harvard.

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Then I told him how his healthcare program was nothing more than a socialist scheme to tax poor and middle class Americans into bankruptcy.  He interrupted me and said that he has not imposed any new taxes on the poor or middle people citizens at which point I told him he was a deceptive liar.  I started to spell out all of the hidden taxes that start taking effect in 2013 and beyond.

I then pointed out that the insurance mandate not only is unconstitutional, but it only serves to drive premium costs higher and make it more difficult for millions of Americans to get health insurance.  Again looking him in the eye, which I could tell made him very uneasy, I asked him how someone like myself is supposed to pay for mandatory health care coverage when they are barely making ends meet now.  If you don’t have the money to buy it, you surely don’t have the money to pay a tax penalty for not having it.

He tried to explain that the purpose of his healthcare program was to make health insurance more affordable for everyone.  I stopped him and asked if he really believed that as the facts indicated just the opposite.  Ever since Obamacare was enacted, insurance premiums have gone up along with deductibles and copays while coverage has decreased.

I could see that he was getting rattled and put in a place he wasn’t comfortable with, so I turned the conversation to immigration, jobs and national security.  I asked him why he isn’t enforcing federal immigration laws.  Even as president he is obligated to obey every law in the land, not to pick and choose which ones he wants to enforce and which ones he doesn’t.  I pointed out that in areas that have enacted strict immigration laws like Alabama that unemployment among US citizens has decreased at a much greater rate than the national average.  I tried to point out that if he deported the 15 million illegals from the US that it would open up about 8-10 million jobs for US citizens.

He tried to defend himself by saying that most of the illegal immigrants in the US have never done anything wrong and that they just want a better way of life.  I asked him if he realized that the term ‘illegal’ immigrant meant that they had broken federal immigration laws by entering the US illegally and therefore they all have done something wrong.  Furthermore, US citizens deserved the right to seek a better way of life in their own country than illegals do.

And what about national security issues at the borders?  With such lax border control, virtually any terrorist can easily gain access into the US and bring their arsenal with them.  Not only have Border Patrol agents found evidence of Muslims crossing the US – Mexican border by many landowners along the border have also.

Then there is the huge problem with drug trafficking across the southern border but instead of doing something to stop it, you sick the DOJ on law enforcement like Sheriff Joe Arpaio who are trying to do something about it.  The President quickly interrupted and said that Sheriff Joe was guilty of racial profiling and I interrupted him and asked if he had any law enforcement experience.  If over 95% of the illegal drug and immigrant trafficking is committed by Hispanics, doesn’t it make sense that they are going to target that ethnic group?  It would be a waste of time and a dereliction of duty for them to spread out their investigations to white, Indians, Asians, Arabs, etc.

Right as I started to ask him about the economy and all of his secret Executive Orders that basically give him dictatorial powers, his Secret Service entourage came around the corner.  As they finished buttoning their shirts and buckling their pants, they began to run towards us, ordering me to drop to the ground.

The next thing I knew, I woke up and had to go to the bathroom.  When I realized it had all been a dream, I was greatly disappointed as I would love the opportunity to confront Barack Obama with a long list of allegations and see what he would really say.  If you had the chance to meet him and speak freely with him, what would you say to him?

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