What’s the Big Story Coming in 2018?

When the Obama Administration made an effort to decriminalize the use and sale of Marijuana we wondered if President Obama were harkening back to his youth as it is well-known he was a “pot head” in high school.  This fit the allegation that he entered Occidental, Columbia and Harvard Law Colleges as “foreign student Barry Sorotero” to access the lower standards all three schools apply to foreign students as he was actually not qualified to enter any of them.

The Obama action also was consistent with the Democratic Party cultivating Hispanic immigrants as Marijuana is important in their culture and economic activity. Where California Democrats had been so successful in getting them to vote many times in each election they were seen as important recruits for the Democratic Party of California.

The Jerry Brown/Gavin Newsom California Democratic Party has built an unbeatable force with legal and illegal Hispanic votes as 22 of the 58 counties now turn out more votes than they have people of voting age. They have rigged the system so after primaries in some counties some Republicans do not appear on the ballots!

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Normally only 50% of the registered voters participate, but in California 120% participate in elections.  Thus the actual increase in Democratic voting is 140% of the normal expectation.  The Brown/Newsom collusion has an iron grip on California Politics and in that light decided to challenge the Federal government’s classification of Marijuana as a Class 1 Narcotic by making it legal to possess and use.

Enter Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former US Senator and former Alabama Federal Court Judge who does not see US Laws regarding Class I Narcotics as trifles.  Director Sessions intends to enforce the law!  (Gasp) What does this mean?

Nationally it could be huge:  With 320 million people we have about 81 million residences with a prototypical values of $248,000 and with $50,000 in furnishings and cars total $338,000 each.  With 81 million residences in America we have a total value of $2.73 trillion!  This is important because a significant number are at risk if the Federal government enforces the laws on possession!  The Feds can take anything they suspect is involved in the drug trade!

Let us not forget:  Marijuana is a Class 1 narcotic like Heroin and they can take your house, your possessions down to your socks, your bank accounts if they believe you are in the drug trade and you have to prove in court that you are not in that business.  Proof is difficult and may be impossible.

Let us not overlook that Jerry Brown has insulted one third of the Federal government, the President of the United States who can make Jerry’s world collapse very quickly with Marijuana involved properties seized alone!  Will this be the big story of 2018?

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