What’s the Real Reason YouTube Pulled Christian Channel?

In 2009, Pastor Carl Gallups and several others pioneered a Christian channel on YouTube called PPSimmons Ministry.  Since its launch, Gallups has posted over 500 videos which have attracted 23,000 subscribers and over 21 million viewings online.

YouTube has a policy of monitoring content and complaints of videos posted on their site.  Shortly after launching the PPSimmons Ministry channel, Gallups posted a video on abortion.  YouTube flagged the video as being too graphic and placed the channel on probation.

In the past three years, Gallups has posted videos dealing with a variety of theological and political issues, including Obama’s birth certificate and biblical revelations.  He claims to have affected the lives of tens of the thousands of people and a number of his videos even went viral.

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According to Gallups, they have had no further issue with YouTube and have been a member in Good Standing.  Several weeks ago, Gallups posted a video of the entire 9-1-1 call made by George Zimmerman.  He did it because the video posted online by NBC had been intentionally edited to make George Zimmerman sound like a racist.

Before entering the ministry, Gallups had worked ten years in law enforcement and easily recognized what NBC edit of the call had done to alter the public’s perspective of what really happened the night that Trayvon Martin was shot.  Besides, the same video he posted was also posted on numerous sites so it wasn’t like Gallups had intentionally done something unique.

He received a notice from YouTube stating the video had been flagged and that PPSimmons was once again placed on probation.  He appealed the action and YouTube admitted they were wrong and reposted the video on the PPSimmon channel.

However, a few days later, Gallups tried to log onto their account and was shocked to discover that YouTube had terminated their channel and shut them down.  According to Gallups, the video that caused the shutdown was “A Call to Prayer” where he urges subscribers to pray for YouTube users who submitted prayer requests.  It also called for prayer for homosexual, pot smokers and people with drug and sexual addictions.

Gallups has been desperately trying to get a new YouTube page set up, “Carl Gallups Ministry”, with many of the same videos that appeared on the PPSimmons channel, but he has lost the 23,000 subscribers and has to start all over with trying to get people to visit his YouTube channel.

When you examine YouTube’s Community Guidelines, PPSimmons did not violate their policies and there was no legitimate reason for the channel’s sudden termination.  I did a quick search of YouTube topics and found nudity, flagrant homosexuality and violence posted on the website.  So it quickly becomes apparent that someone at YouTube felt offended by Gallups’ postings or a group of non-Christians or Obama supporters complained enough to get the Christian channel pulled off the Internet.  In plain and simple terms, YouTube is violating Gallups and the others involved with PPSimmons constitutional rights of free speech and religion by yanking their plug.

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