When Is the Republican Party Going To Start Taking On Leftist Extremists?

By Richard D. McCann

Since the election of Donald Trump, Americans have been exposed to a well-orchestrated and savagely vicious backlash to the electoral results of November, 2016. Trump had barely proclaimed his astonishing victory over Hillary Clinton when a bellicose, fascistic and highly organized resistance commenced efforts to deny and attempt to reverse the will of the American people. It is a movement in our national politics both unprecedented in scope as well as tone. Not since the Civil War has the American political system and electoral process undergone a more militant and frightening challenge to its otherwise sacred tradition of stability and legitimacy.

We watch in horror as masked hoodlums, (in many cases the sons and daughters of America’s Elitist class) engage in the wanton destruction of property. We recoil at the site of the bloodied faces of men and women engaging in their constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech, pummeled by black-masked cowards with clubs, chains and fists for the sin of not upholding the prevailing view of America and her president as evil incarnate. We see police officers in cities like Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington dossing about during frenzied radical Leftist inspired mob events on orders to “stand down.” Can these images really be that of America in 2019?

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The resistance has determined that anyone who does not believe Trump deserves to be violently overthrown is not worthy of humane treatment. From the nihilistic Antifa movement to the hallowed peaks of Hollywood celebrity’s moral superiority and political correctness, America, its president, its institutions and its everyday people are being trashed, humiliated, reviled and scorned with absolute impunity. The Democratic party, once the bastion of working class Americans, unions, strong national defense and the “Middle-Class, ” has sadly shed its last vestiges of  sanity in exchange for being the party of open borders, decriminalization of drugs, dissolution of the Electoral College, government takeover of health care, infanticide, medical benefits for illegal aliens and yes, replacement of free-enterprise Capitalism with “Socialism.” Democrats can no longer claim the mantle of Johnson, Kennedy or Truman. Even if Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were participants in the current Democratic presidential debates, both would be considered too rabidly conservative and traditional. When one considers that the Obama Presidency is only in the rear view mirror three years, it is both a sobering and incredibly ominous portend for America’s political future.

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Not to be outdone in the abandonment of time-honored American centrist political values, the complete lack of unified engagement on the part of the Republican Party establishment has left vast swaths of the American electorate without a meaningful political voice. With the exception of Trump, few in the Republican party have had the courage to voice vigorous opposition to the almost daily recriminations of Democrats about America’s endemic racism, vulture capitalism and deplorable, uneducated masses in the flyover states between New York and California unable to gracefully adjust to their loss of jobs and hope because of the requirements of globalism and the new world economic order.

Typical of this Republican retreat is reflected in the recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. While totally evil, perverse and tragic in its design and execution, it has already been exclusively ascribed by one member of the political class to the “avowed racism” of President Trump. As if Trump himself was the trigger man, not a single Republican voice has been raised in protest against the flagrant and patently false accusation made by the buffoonish, skate-boarding demagogue and Democratic presidential candidate, Robert Francis O’Rourke. With poll numbers in low single digits, what better opportunity could present itself for an ethically bankrupt politician, himself the beneficiary of white privilege, education and power to feign outrage. O’Rourke is an unrepentant phony! Once more, he is simultaneously laughing in your face and mine because he knows there will be little if any push back against his outrageous accusations. What is more pathetic is that this cheap cultural appropriator of the name “Beto,” no doubt to better associate himself with Hispanic constituents with whom he has little if anything in common, doesn’t really believe his own lies about the connectivity to Trump and the El Paso shooter anymore than reasonable and fair-minded people believe that the shooter of Congressman Steve Scalise was aided and abetted by Bernie Sanders. O’Rourke is part of the current metastasis of American politics. The healthy organs of robust and honest debate that once characterized the strength and vitality of American democracy are being ravenously eaten by cancer.

Democrats are angry not just because they are out of power, but out of power because their victory was usurped by an illegitimate claimant. Donald Trump was not supposed to be President, and the most radically Leftist elements of the Democratic party, Hollywood, East and West Coast Elites and Silicon Valley have determined to do any say anything to upend and bring about the destruction of Donald Trump’s occupation of the White House. Their mission is pristine clear, their motivation no longer secret. They, the Democratic party, their allies in the media, their high-tech liberal donor class and their storm trooper street organizations of Antifa and Black Lives Matter are lock, stock and barrel committed to the termination of the American political system as we know it. The Democratic-Socialist party, under the auspices of Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Omar and Tlaib are the vanguard of the new American democratic framework: government takeover of your life, importation of a new population from the ranks of the world’s pool of impoverished and illiterate souls to replace troublesome native born Americans and the imposition of ironclad censorship on any and all who disagree with the aforementioned. The weapons of the radial Democratic Leftists are not guns, at least not for the moment, even tough they are advocating for the confiscation of guns from law abiding Americans. The current weapons of choice are the terrifying and divisive words of “racist,” “homophobe,” “misogynist” and “bigot.” While offering no constructive policy solutions to our nation’s pressing problems, the new radical Left Democrats openly engage in the kind of violent behavior they accuse their opposition of promoting. Ironically, in their zeal to underscore the vileness and hatred of the opposition, they are merely holding a mirror up to themselves.

Who is the opposition, or rather, who is supposed to be the opposition to this strain of Marxist-Leninist totalitarianism infecting our once cherished political system in America?  The sad truth can be seen any day on the Republican side of the aisle in both the House and Senate. It was clearly seen in the face of former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who literally crumbled in his support of Justice Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination after being cornered in the elevator and called a misogynist by a swarm of fascist she-devils. It was always evident in the lackluster and less than committed performance of former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who egregiously failed along with other Republican establishment confederates like John McCain to repeal Obamacare. It is presently evident from the foot-dragging of Lindsay Graham’s Republican controlled Senate Judiciary Committee to formally open investigations and bring forth criminal referrals against the people accused of using the national law enforcement apparatus to spy on political opponents, procure warrants predicated on totally baseless grounds, and worse, conduct operations within the intelligence and law enforcement establishment for the purpose of undermining a legitimately elected president of the United States. Perhaps these less than transparent crimes are far worse, as the Democratic Left’s agenda is is crystal clear. Republicans are somehow smug in their mistaken belief that they can and will ride out the storm. Does Mitch McConnell look and sound like a man who is worried? The truth is that the Republican party has sold the American people down the Swanee River. They have hedged in their support of President Trump on critical issues such as immigration, health care and relations with the Chinese.

They never really cared about Trump or his program. Besides, they have been so cowed by the inflammatory language of the Left, even if they lose the White House in 2020, they will most likely retain control of the Senate and perhaps even win back the House. This way, they can go back to being what they were under Obama, non-productive, do-nothing, obstructionists. The Republican party is similar to the new Leftist Democratic party in that is stands for nothing recognizable by the ordinary man or woman. It has been completed subsumed by the same donor class of the Democratic Left, the trial lawyers, big tech, media conglomerates, financial houses and of course, foreign government interest. In many ways, Republican political leadership seems to hate America and Americans as much as the new Leftist Democratic party does. We are headed for one party rule in the United States, and not a rule based on traditional political parties. It is a rule based on wealth and control of information…he who controls these means will rule. America cannot withstand its own loathing and self-hatred indefinitely. One party cannot hope to lead and inspire a nation that constantly tells its own people how racist, exclusionary and unfair they are. On the other hand, the opposition party will not survive by continuing to seek soft landings on tough issues and its refusal to aggressively take on those who would denigrate our system of free enterprise capitalism and the ancient freedoms inherited from our Revolutionary era forebears. Fear of name calling aside, Republicans have a moral obligation to stand-up on the local, state and especially the national level to call out the fevered proponents of the political insanity sweeping over our country. If the Republican party fails to meet this challenge, they too will end up in the dustpan of political history, and deservedly so.

I am reminded of the scene in the 1976 movie Midway, where Captain Vinton Maddox, played by James Coburn strongly advises Admiral Chester Nimitz ,played by Henry Fonda to seriously consider defense of the West coast of the United instead of committing the balance of American naval power in the Pacific to thwart a Japanese strike against Midway Island. Nimitz asks Vinton, “is defense of the home folks the safe play,” to which Vinton responds, “its the smart play.” Nimitz’s next response sums up the unparalleled opportunity at hand, namely, “if we surprise the Japanese and turn up in a place where they don’t expect us, we can drive him back three thousand miles until we are ready to take him on in his own back yard.” So it is with the present Republican party. It is obviously comfortable to remain complacent, seeking nothing more than maintaining a secure electoral status quo. The gutsy move is to commit to a course of push back against the ignominy of the new Democratic Leftist party movement bent on turning the United States into a nation candidate for the European Union. Just as Nimitz, we are again at a crucial crossroads… the unknown beckons with the same urgent and unsettling reality of knowing the stakes are just too high for the safe play.

Richard D. McCann is a native of the Bronx and received his B.A. degree from Iona College in New Rochelle New York. He is currently a candidate for the Master of Arts Degree in American History from the American Military University. He has authored two books in connection to 19th Century New York religious leader Archbishop John J. Hughes, and has served on the History Committee of the Basilica of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Mott Street on Manhattan’s lower East side. He has contributed historical pieces and political commentary to various Irish-American publications. He and his wife Aine reside in Dingle, Ireland.       

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