Where Do the 15 GOP Candidates Stand on Common Core?

In the wee early hours of the 2016 presidential campaign, most of the attention has been centered on Donald Trump, his stand on immigration and his war of words with Jeb Bush. Most of the other issues seem to be taking a backseat to all of the media hoopla.

Yet there is one issue that is important to millions of Americans – education and the Common Core Standards. Millions of parents around the nation want to know where the candidates stand on Common Core so ThePulse2016, American Principles in Action and Cornerstone Policy Research queried the 15 Republican candidates and graded them on their stand on Common Core.

They based their grading system on following three criteria:

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1- Whether the candidate recognizes the full scope of the Common Core issue and has advocated for, or taken, action that would roll back the Common Core education standards.

2- Whether the candidate has advocated for protecting, or taken steps to protect, state and local decision-making in the area of education, e.g., offered a plan to give states enforceable protection against USED overreach, to opt out of the USED, unwind USED as a whole, etc.

3- Whether the candidate has advocated for protecting child and family privacy, for example by opposing improper gathering and use of data including student medical information and any information that would reflect a student’s psychological characteristics or behaviors.

Based upon the three point criteria, they graded the candidates on where they stood on the Common Core Standards using the following grading system:

  • A Champions the issue (e.g., offers legislation, makes it a centerpiece issue)
  • B Professes support, but has not provided leadership or otherwise championed it
  • C Has neither helped nor hurt the cause
  • D Has an overall negative record on the issue
  • F Robustly and consistently works against the issue

If you already have a favorite candidate or two, where do you think he or she stands on Common Core? If you’re a parent or grandparent who has kid(s) in public schools, then you should be interested in where your favorite candidates stand on the issue of Common Core.

Personally, I’m very much opposed to the Common Core Standards and long to see them repealed. They are nothing more than a mechanism designed by liberal educators to brainwash children into growing up to be good socialist comrades. Common Core undermines parental authority, Christian and American values. It distorts true history while encouraging students to read pornography that glorifies incest, rape and pedophilia. I would find it difficult to support any candidate who supports the use of Common Core Standards in our public schools.

Well, here are the GOP candidates and their grades on their stand on Common Core:

A- … Ted Cruz
A- … Rand Paul
B+… Bobby Jindal
B  … Lindsey Graham
B  … Rick Perry
B  … Rick Santorum
B- … Ben Carson
B- … Donald Trump
C+… Carly Fiorina
C  … Mike Huckabee
C  … Marco Rubio
D+… Chris Christie
D+… Scott Walker
F  … Jeb Bush
F  … John Kasich

Are you surprised, overjoyed or disappointed at the grade given to your favorite candidate(s)? Does this change your opinion of your favorite candidate(s)?


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