Where in the Constitution Does It Guarantee You the Right NOT to be Offended?

  • Atheists were offended by prayer in public school so prayer was banned.
  • Atheists were offended by Bible in classroom so Bible banned.
  • Atheists were offended by any mention of Jesus or Christianity so it was banned.
  • Atheists were offended by traditional Christmas carols and even the word Christmas so they were banned.
  • Atheists were offended by baccalaureate services for graduation seniors so they were banned.
  • Hispanics offended by American students wearing American flag on Cinco de Mayo so the American flag banned and students disciplined.
  • Homosexuals offended that Christians don’t want to be part of their perverse ceremonies got Christians fined and forced to defy their faith.
  • Muslims were offended by Christian symbols in the military so Christian symbols were banned.
  • Blacks were offended by the Confederate flag so the flag is being banned.
  • Hispanics offended by being called illegals so Obama wants to give them amnesty.
  • Liberals offended by military personnel so they have been banned from a number of public schools and other functions.
  • Muslims are offended by anything anti-Muslims so liberal judges acquit Muslim criminals declaring their physical assault as justified.

Our courts are being over burdened with lawsuits by people who claim they have been offended by someone else and liberal courts are siding with the offended person in the vast majority of cases.

But show me where in the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights that guarantees you the right to not be offended. It doesn’t exist. What they do say is that Americans have the right to live their faith and to speak freely, regardless if someone is offended or not.

But on the other hand, no one cares about offending Christians or conservative patriotic Americans. Anyone can do or say anything blasphemous about God, Jesus, the Bible or anything Christian and it’s protected by the offender’s First Amendment rights, but let a Christian do the same about others and they are found guilty and fined.

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Our military personnel put their lives on the line to protect our nation, rights and freedoms, but if their presence offends a liberal, the military is banned. Isn’t that offensive to our military and every patriotic American?

As a conservative patriotic Christian American, I am deeply offended by attacks on Christianity, God, Jesus and the Bible and especially when someone portrays Jesus in a bottle of urine. I’m also offended by homosexuality, legalized same-sex marriage, illegal immigrants taking over MY country and being given a free ticket, Muslims changing our way of life and liberal politicians systematically stripping me of my rights and freedoms. I’m also offended by blacks who go out of their way to create racial hatred where there isn’t any, and yes, I’m speaking of people like Al Sharpton. And I’m offended by American Indians insisting on being called Native Americans. After all, I was born here in the United States of America so that makes me a native American doesn’t it?

However, I know that if I filed a lawsuit claiming that any of these things are extremely offensive to me that no court in the land will side with me or rule in my favor. Freedom of religion and speech only apply to the liberal and perverse, not to conservatives, patriots and Christians. Lastly, I’m offended that whining liberals and perverts believe our founding documents guarantee them the right to never be offended.

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