Where Is Our Security Against Transportation Security Administration Agents?

Ever since the federal government created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the traveling public may (or may not) be safer from terrorist attacks, but they have become more vulnerable to the human nature of the security agents.

We are no longer allowed to lock and protect our luggage.  TSA and airlines luggage workers now have free access to open and rummage through your luggage and help themselves to what they want.  When your luggage, checked or carryon go through the x-ray screening, TSA agents can see most of what’s in your bags and it is their discretion if they want to open your luggage and search it and you have no right to stop them.

If you find something missing from your luggage, you can always file a complaint with the airline and/or TSA.  However, very few people ever hear anything back from the airlines or TSA.  Rarely if ever do they have their items recovered and returned to them.   Worse yet is that neither the airlines nor TSA make monetary restitution or take responsibility for the missing items.

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Yes, it’s illegal and if agents are caught stealing, they will be fired, but who is really watching and monitoring them?

One case in point is what happened earlier last year at John F Kennedy International Airport in New York.  A traveler had $40,000 in his/her luggage.  When the luggage was passing through the x-ray machine, two TSA agents spotted the money.  They opened the luggage and stole the entire $40,000.

I’m not sure how the authorities found out, but the theft was reported and police later recovered the money at the homes of the two agents.  Coumar Persad and Davon Webb pleaded guilty to grand larceny, but they only spent 6 months in jail and were given 5 years probation for their actions.

Most likely, this incident was investigated because of the large amount of money involved.  But what about all of the smaller items or smaller amounts of money that get stolen from our luggage?  What about the camera’s, jewelry, cosmetics or medicines that are stolen by dishonest TSA agents or airlines employees?

Human nature is sinful nature and no matter what measures they take in screening employees, they are bound to get some that succumb to the temptations. It’s unavoidable in any business or industry.  But since the formation of TSA and the changed luggage rules, the traveling public is more vulnerable now to theft than ever before.

So who is protecting the public from those that supposed to make our travels safer?

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