Where’s the Arrest Warrant for the Black Panthers’ Leaders?

In a surprise press conference just before midnight Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that an arrest warrant had been issued by the Department of Justice for leaders of the new Black Panthers who had put out a bounty on George Zimmerman “dead or alive” and who have been promising to start a race war against “honkies.”


Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of shooting Trayvon Martin, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder Wednesday after being in hiding due to death threats against him and his family.

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The Black Panthers have a lot to do with that.

Of course, there’s a whole parade of people, starting with the Rev. (short for “revolting”) Al Sharpton, race-baiter-for-hire and liberal TV host, but the Black Panthers distinguished themselves by offering a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman for anyone who could put him into the Panthers’ clutches, “dead or alive.”

Holder’s Justice Department is investigating the Martin shooting to see if Zimmerman committed any hate crimes when he shot and killed the 6-foot-3-inch football player during a confrontation while Martin walked home.

Zimmerman’s family on Tuesday demanded to know why Holder wasn’t investigating the New Black Panthers. A family member has suggested that it’s because Holder himself is black, racially biased and doesn’t care about what happens to white (or “white Hispanic”) people.

Well spotted.

The Panthers have been the beneficiaries of Holder’s benevolent blind eye before, when he dismissed a voter intimidation case against them in the 2008 election. The papers were on his desk to sign, but he evidently felt the brothers had learned their lesson.

The lesson they actually learned was that they can get away with anything under this administration and not have to worry about legal consequences.

They haven’t stopped at Zimmerman, either. Breitbart.com recently recorded some of the Black Panthers’ leadership on a conference call, planning to start a race war.

NBPP “nation spokesman” Chawn Kweli said, “We gotta suit up and boot up, and get prepared for the war that we’re in. This stuff got to boil over, and all your greats talked about there having to be bloodshed involved with revolution — true revolution means some bloodshed. … We gotta go through it.”

Black Panther member Michelle Williams said, “All the listeners that’s on this phone call: If you are having any doubts about getting suited, booted, and armed up for this race war that we in, that has never ended, let me tell you something, the things that’s about to happen to these honkies, these crackers, these [police] pigs, these pink people, these ***** ****** purple people, it has been long overdue.”


Even if Homeland Security can’t recognize a real homegrown terrorist group when it’s about to bite them on the butt, somebody should still arrest Williams for impersonating George Jefferson.

Personally, the Panthers’ insults don’t concern me. I’ve been called worse by better.

It’s just the political incorrectness of it all. If you’re going to blast me with your racism, at least use the proper terms. I am not a honky. I’m a proud Cracker-American.


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