Which American Religious Groups are Happy with the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling?

Tobin Grant at the Religion News Service blogged about how today’s American churches and religious groups respond to homosexuality in general and to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in particular. It’s an interesting and perhaps even eye opening post that should remind the conservative Christian community that we have seemingly lost mainline Protestants to the world’s culture. There are some surprises within the poll/graph and there also exist some reminders – for example, once again the African-American community seems to identify culturally, philosophically and religiously with conservative Evangelical Christians. (But we still can’t get the African-American community to vote with us!)


Read the entire piece at RNS:

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Religious groups have shown a wide range of reactions to U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that gay and lesbian couples have a right to marry. There are some who have applauded the decision. Others have vehemently disagreed with the ruling as an audacious attempt to redefine marriage.

There have also been some religious communities that have remained mum. One reason: differences in opinion among their members…

  • Nearly all Unitarians, Buddhists, Jews (with the exception of the orthodox), and the so-called “nones” are accepting of homosexuality.
  • Evangelicals and most the historically black denominations are the least accepting of homosexuality.
  • Also in the “discourage, don’t accept” camp are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Latter-Day Saints, Pietists (e.g., Mennonites), and Seventh Day Adventists (which some consider evangelical).
  • Mainline denominations range from being divided over sexuality (e.g., United Methodists) to be affirming (e.g., United Church of Christ).
  • In general, U.S. Catholics say that homosexuality should be accepted by society. This is true for many of the types of Catholics included in the graph. Traditional Catholics, however, are the exception.





Read the rest of Grant’s Analysis at RNS.

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