White House Clueless Why Gun Sales Hit Record High

Two weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris left 130 dead, gun sales in America hit a one day record high. The FBI reported they conducted 185,345 background checks on Black Friday, hitting a one day record high.

In fact, ever since Barack Obama began his anti-Second Amendment campaign to in 2009, gun sales set new annual record highs every year. The more Obama calls for stricter gun control, the more guns American citizens purchase. The very gun industry that Obama hates actually loves him for their booming business.

Yet, it seems the White House has no clue why so many Americans are buying more and more guns. Last Thursday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest revealed his and White House’s blind ignorance when asked to explain why we are seeing record gun sales. Earnest replied:

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“I don’t know, I really don’t.”

“In some cases these are individuals who believe that they need to buy a gun so that they can better protect themselves. In some cases because it’s Black Friday, they probably are going and purchasing a gift for a friend or a loved one who is a gun enthusiast. I’m just pointing out that there are already an astonishing number of guns on the streets of America and far too many innocent Americans who are being killed by them.”

“It’s tragic that in the immediate aftermath of a series of high profile mass shootings, that people feel like they have to go out and purchase a gun. That ready access to guns and that proliferation of violent weapons of war has not led to fewer gun deaths. It’s tragic that even in the situation where we have lots of guns on the streets that lead to lots of innocent Americans being killed, that the response to that is that a whole lot more guns end up on the streets. That’s tragic and ironic.”

Not only does Earnest display the blind ignorance of the Obama administration by not having a clue why so many Americans are buying guns, but he also echoes the inaccurate rhetoric of his puppet master. Obama and his puppets continue to ignore the facts that the vast majority of the mass shootings take place in gun free zones where citizens are banned from protecting themselves.

They also refuse to admit that the vast majority of gun violence occurs in cities and states with the strictest gun control laws in the land. These strict gun laws are the same that Obama wants to impose on the entire nation. If you follow the facts, Obama’s gun laws would result in an alarming increase in gun violence throughout our nation.

The areas with the lowest incidence of gun violence are those with the fewest gun control laws where many citizens are armed and ready to defend themselves, families, friends and homes. Criminals are less apt to target people or locations where they could face someone armed with a gun.

As for keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, that’s virtually an impossible task. Criminals rarely walk into a gun store and subject themselves to FBI background checks while attempting to purchase a firearm. Besides, they don’t want the FBI or anyone else to know what guns they have or be able to trace serial numbers back to them. Anyone who really wants a gun can easily do so from someone on the street and that gun will be untraceable back to them.

If Obama and his administration want to know why so many people are buying guns, it’s because of their own anti-gun campaign to disarm all of us. They want to be well armed and stocked with ammo before it’s too late to legally purchase them. Additionally, more people are arming themselves for self-defense against the increase in crimes that are a result of a godless and lawless culture.

If Obama and Josh Earnest would just leave their ivory towers and actually visit real America and talk to more than just their loyal slaves, they may have their eyes opened as to what is really happening in America which will tell them why we want to armed and ready.

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