White House Destroys US-Israel Relations During Press Conference

With President Obama’s trip to Israel this week, I expect tensions and contempt to be running high on the side of the Israeli’s.  Obama has not tried to hide his disdain for the Jewish nation, which only goes with his Muslim beliefs.  As president, Obama has done more to undermine US-Israel relations than any president in history.

Last summer, the press corps kept asking White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

“What city does this administration consider to be the capital of Israel – Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?”

Carney did a tap dance all around that question without answering it.  His display of prestidigitation to distract the audience from the real issue was a complete failure in two ways.  First, the press corps was not distracted and secondly, his refusal to answer the question led everyone to believe that Obama and the White House does not recognize Israel’s claim of Jerusalem being its capital.

Earlier this month, Hamas issued a warning to Obama about doing or saying anything about Jerusalem that would be offensive to the Palestinian people.  They told him that he could visit the Temple Mount as a tourist, but not as an official state visit with Israel.

It seems that Obama and the White House are siding with the Palestinians and Muslims of the world.  Last week, Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Adviser spoke about Obama’s trip to Israel this week.  During that talk, they used a map of Israel that excluded the Gaza Strip, West Bank and Golan Heights.  Worse yet, the White House map took Jerusalem away from Israel and added it to the West Bank as part of Jordan.  In fact, the map they showed was of Israel prior to the Six Day War of 1967 and their capture of those additional lands.  Video and map below.

The White House map clearly cuts off the Gaza Strip (southern coast), West Bank (east central) and Golan Heights (northeast corner).  The protrusion into the West Bank on the White House map does not go out far enough to include Jerusalem, but it is very close.

The map coincides with reported efforts by Obama to urge Israel into yielding most of the West Bank and some eastern portions of Jerusalem to allow for the creation of a Palestinian state.  This would return Israel to their pre-1967 borders, which they are extremely reluctant to do.

Many Israeli officials and citizens will be greatly offended and irate over the White House map and their efforts to strip away the lands that the Israelis won fairly in a war that was designed to wipe them off the face of the earth.  One thing is for sure, this will not help any negotiations that Obama hopes to accomplish on his visit and in fact may be the final piece that prevents Israel from agreeing to anything.

Watch the maps in the video very carefully and then compare them to an official Israeli map:

Here is a comparison of the White House map next to an Israeli map:

Iarael maps

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