White House Ignored Warnings of Border Crisis in 2012 and 2013

If you have kids, you are well familiar with the response ‘I don’t know’ to just about everything you ask them. It’s their way of trying to avoid blame for what they generally are guilty of.

Barack Obama seems to be no more mature than a kid. His typical response to most of the scandals that have rocked his administration is ‘I wasn’t informed’ or ‘I just learned about it’ He used that excuse with Benghazi yet evidence clearly indicates that he was kept informed at the time it was happening. He used the same excuse with the IRS targeting of tea party organizations, conservative and Christian non-profits, but evidence indicates that he was the mastermind behind the whole thing.

Now Obama is once again playing the part of a child by saying that he was not aware of the potential border crisis prior to it taking place.

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To begin with, his own Department of Homeland Security placed an employment ad on January 29, 2014 seeking contractors to help handle around 65,000 unaccompanied illegal kids.

If that doesn’t undermine Obama’s ‘I didn’t know’ excuse, then consider the fact that University of Texas at El Paso experts submitted a 41 page report to the Department of Homeland Security in August 2013 warning them of the huge influx of unaccompanied illegal kids. The report documented that around 66 illegal kids were being detained every day in just Texas.

What was the DHS response to the report? Victor Manjarrez Jr., the lead author of the report and former Border Patrol agent said that the feds told them that it was a ‘local problem.’ This is a very hypocritical response considering the feds have filed lawsuits against most states that have tried to handle the immigration crisis at the state level. Whenever the states passed their own tough immigration laws, the Obama administration immediately filed lawsuits to stop them.

Arizona’s SB-70 immigration bill is a prime example. Maricopa County in Arizona has a population of nearly 4 million people. When County Sheriff Joe Arpaio worked to target illegal drug and human traffickers, the Department of Justice filed racial profiling charges against them and stripped them of all federal immigration enforcement powers and placed a monitor in their department to tattle on them if they do it again.

When Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer repeatedly asked Obama to come tour the border, he ignored her. All the feds did was to erect road signs within 100 miles of the Mexican border warning US and Arizona citizens that of the dangers of illegals.

The warnings to the Obama administration go back even further to 2012. The First Ladies of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras wrote to the US warning them of ‘worrisome statistics’ indicating a significant increase in the number of unaccompanied kids heading for the US border.

Also in 2012, Texas Gov. Rick Perry wrote directly to Barack Obama telling him that the number of illegal unaccompanied kids from Central America was up 90% over the previous year.

Why were all of these warnings ignored? Because the news of the huge influx if illegals, especially unaccompanied kids would damage what little chance Obama had of getting his immigration reform passed. It wasn’t that Obama wasn’t informed of the danger; he chose to ignore all of the warnings for political reasons. Obama intentionally risked our national security for the sake of his political agenda. This should be added to the long list of impeachable crimes that Obama has been racking up. I don’t know how long that list is, but if I had a $1,000 for each crime Obama has committed while in office, I could pay off my mortgage, all my debts and look forward to retiring for the first time in my life.

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