White House Lied About Obama’s Uncle

Just make them stop talking. Somebody, please.

The people who make up the Obama Administration, from the Oval Office on down, simply cannot seem to tell the truth about anything.

Everyone, including some of President Obama’s biggest supporters, has realized by now that he lied repeatedly when he said Americans could keep their health care plans under Obamacare. The president even sort of half way apologized for lying, even though it was somebody else’s fault somehow, according to his various spokespeople, who are pretty sure now that you mentioned it that it was all a big misunderstanding caused by the media misreporting what the president said. … Yeah. … That’s the ticket.

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This Administration has earned its reputation.

Benghazi? There are still Democrat loyalists who insist that whole mess is just a fluke resulting from a spontaneous protest over a stupid YouTube video. Or that Obama really said it was terrorism the day after the attack.

They apparently just can’t help themselves any more.

The latest lie involves Obama’s illegal immigrant uncle Onyango Obama, who has been in the country since the 1970s but is facing deportation proceedings.

When asked in 2011 if the president knew Uncle Onyango, the White House press office replied that they had no record of the two ever meeting.

That’s what’s called a non-answer, because “we have no record” can easily mean “we have no record because our department head put the file in his car trunk.”

There was a time when there were people who would have questioned an official response like that. They were called journalists. We shall not see their like again.

Now, Uncle Onyango himself has broken the tape on the file with his testimony in a deportation hearing, wherein he said that Obama stayed with him for about three weeks in Cambridge in the 1980s while waiting for his apartment to be ready before beginning law school. Onyango had been in the country illegally since the 1970s and was facing deportation then, too, when Obama stayed with him.

Anybody seeing a small problem here? “Law school”; “illegal immigrant uncle”? Anybody? Bueller?

The White House’s excuse for the fliparoo is that in 2011, the press office hadn’t actually asked the president about the relationship.

Understandable. It must be difficult to ask the president about living with an illegal immigrant when you work at least several doors down the hallway from him.

And there’s no way that the “miscommunication” of 2011 had anything to do with the approaching election cycle of 2012. I mean it’s not like someone in, say, the Oval Office ordered the press office to lie about some scandal in Obama’s past. The guy’s the golden child, after all. Any scandal, ergo, is “phony.”

Yeah. That’s the ticket.

You know, the president’s lucky I don’t do the journalism thing any more. If I ever got an invite to a presidential briefing, I’d be the guy who got thrown out for asking the obvious questions on live TV: “Mr. President, at any time during  the three weeks of living with your illegal immigrant uncle Onyango, did you actually meet him?”

When you start fibbing about small things like which relatives you’ve eaten dinner with, you’re a pathological liar.

And that’s the truth.

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