White House Linked to IRS Scandal?

On Monday, the nation learned that the IRS had been targeting conservative and patriotic groups and people while giving preferential treatment to liberals.  Like Benghazi, the first reports said that it was done by rogue IRS agents out of the main office in Cincinnati.  By Tuesday, the story’s talking points changed and we learned that the orders had come from supervisors in Washington who instructed the Cincinnati agents to carry out their illegal actions.  Before the day was over, high ranking IRS officials were admitting what had happened, but insisted that the White House knew nothing about what was going on.

Oh really?

Let’s start with the Libertarian Party 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate Wayne Allyn Root.  Last October, Root made charges that he was being targeted by the IRS because of this staunch opposition to President Barack Obama and that he was positive the orders came directly from the Oval Office.

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Root was a fellow classmate of Obama at Columbia University, majoring in the same subject and taking many of the same classes.  However, Root is adamant that he never knew Obama or recall him ever being in any of those classes and has publicly questioned Obama’s college records.

In an interview with WND last October, Root recounted how he was audited last summer for his 2007 and 2008 taxes.  After completing the audit successfully without owing any more taxes, Root felt relieved.  He claims to have a 30 year spotless tax record.  However, five days later, he was notified that he was again being audited, this time for the years 2009 and 2010.

After the IRS scandal blew up on Monday, Root said he believes now more than ever that the order to audit him came directly from Obama.  He told WND:

“I feel like a million bucks. I feel absolutely vindicated. I knew this was going on.”

“I believe this is not rogue agents, who would be risking their pension and careers.”

“Obama is using the power of the IRS and other government agencies to punish his political opposition and intimidate and silence his critics.”

Since Monday, the list of others who believe they were targeted with audits by the IRS, has been growing.  Many large Republican donors to the Mitt Romney campaign have been stepping forward to say that they were also audited and believe now that they were intentionally targeted.

Some of those targeted include Charlie Moncreif, a Texas oil executive who helped raise over $1 million for the Romney campaign.  Idaho businessman Frank VanderSloot donated more than $1 million to various organizations that were supporting the Romney campaign said he was audited.  Hal Scherz, founder of Docs4Patient Care is a physician who launched a campaign to fight Obamacare, feels he was targeted with an audit.  Even Billy Graham may have been targeted, according to his son Franklin Graham.

These are only a few of a rapidly growing list of people who have opposed Obama and his programs that now feel they were targeted by the IRS because of who they were and what they did.  The ever increasing number of influential conservative Republicans from all over the nation makes it hard for me to believe that this was the brain child of some supervisors in the IRS.  I believe that if the truth ever comes out, and that’s a big IF, that we will see that the IRS employees were merely puppets and that the ultimate puppet master behind it all is none other than the presidential usurper known as Barack Hussein Obama.

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