White House Prepares to Use Executive Action Against Guns

It took a while for the cracker jack journalists in the mainstream media to figure it out, but the Washington Post finally ran a story about how President Obama is considering a “comprehensive approach” to gun control, rather than just reinstating the former federal assault rifle law.

Of course, they buried the lede, as journalists used to say, which is contained about seven paragraphs down, after the jump (emphasis mine):

“In addition to potential legislative proposals, Biden’s group has expanded its focus to include measures that would not need congressional approval and could be quickly implemented by executive action, according to interest-group leaders who have discussed options with Biden and key Cabinet secretaries. Possibilities include changes to federal mental-health programs and modernization of gun-tracking efforts by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”

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Given Obama’s love of executive orders, it isn’t really a surprise that he would want to be able to track citizens’ guns or declare people insane with a stroke of the pen. Remember, this is the administration that as one of its first acts issued a report labeling military veterans, conservatives and tea party groups as potential terrorists.

It’s also not much of a surprise that the mainstream media would bury this latest power grab by the Man Who Would Be King. They’ve ignored or buried most of the president’s unconstitutional actions, when they weren’t openly cheering him on.

The Post story comes right out and explains some of the cynical tactics Obama may use to gain support for his gun grab, such as persuading Wal-Mart that supporting restrictions on gun shows will garner new customers at its stores that carry guns. It’s the “useful idiot” tactic right upfront, in the open, in black and white.

The White House doesn’t even bother to do these things in secret any more. I’ve all but given up hope that American liberals will remember where they misplaced their brains and realize what’s going on with this Administration. People who pay attention, though, should consider this a warning, and hopefully this information might filter up to the executives of Wal-Mart and other companies Obama may hope to enlist as dupes.

According to the Post, the White House is also talking to religious leaders, mental health professionals and hunters in an effort to isolate and neutralize the NRA.

Since the Administration is politicizing the Sandy Hook killings to legitimize its disdain for the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution, time is a critical factor, as the Post’s sources note.

Sheriff Richard Stanek, who attended a White House meeting on gun control, told the Post, “The vice president indicated that there was a very short timeline for him to get back to the president with his recommendations because the American public has a short memory.”

Conservatives need to brace themselves for a political blitzkrieg aimed at taking away not only gun rights, but likely free speech, privacy, private property and a few other rights that the Left doesn’t want us to have. The next month will almost certainly have lasting implications for the future of our country.

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