White House Pushing to Allow Illegals to Vote in Arizona

Arizona is like many other states when it comes to registering to vote. All you need is a valid driver’s license and the willingness to lie about being a US citizen.

For this reason, the conservative Republican leaders of Arizona passed a law that forbids illegals from obtaining driver’s licenses. The law was passed in response to Barack Obama’s illegal immigration action known as DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. To be honest, this is just a politically correct term for illegal aliens that were brought here when they were under age.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and state legislative leaders quickly realized the consequences of Obama’s DACA policy which allows nearly 1 million illegals to remain and work here in the US. Even though they are not citizens, DACA gives them virtually every right and privilege held by US citizens. Obtaining a legal driver’s license allows these dreamers to receive a number of government benefits and handouts as well as legally work and if willing to lie about their citizenship, to vote.

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Brewer has stated that giving these benefits to illegals will cost the state millions of dollars that they cannot afford and don’t believe they have the responsibility to pay. Additionally, she warned about the possibility of illegals with driver’s licenses illegally registering to vote and then casting votes in local, state and federal elections.

With a month to go before the midterm elections Obama and Democrats are seeing the polls turn against them. The chances of losing control of the US Senate are increasing as well as control in many state races. In a last ditch effort to open the way for thousands of illegals to illegally vote for their favorite Democrats, the White House and Justice Department have filed a legal challenge to the Arizona law.

In the court filing, the DOJ is claiming that the state of Arizona does not have the legal right to withhold the ability to obtain a valid driver’s license from illegals when Obama’s DACA action gives them that right. They further claim that all are equal under the law.

Assistant Attorney General Lindsey Powell wrote in the legal filing:

“Arizona may not substitute its judgment for the federal government’s when it comes to establishing classifications of alien status.”

But illegals are not equal with US citizens. Regardless of Obama’s illegal edict, illegals should not have the same rights and privileges that citizens hold. Additionally, the Tenth Amendment gives states the legal right to govern themselves over the federal government. In fact, the Tenth Amendment says that states give the federal government certain jurisdiction, not the other way around.

This is the argument being used by Arizona. Andrew Wilder, spokesman for Gov. Brewer stated:

“States, not the Obama administration, have the right to determine who is issued a driver’s license.”

“Rather than secure U.S. borders or enforce existing federal immigration laws, the Obama administration continues to afford preference and privileges to people who enter our country illegally and whose presence is unauthorized.”

Wilder also stated that this:

“…demonstrates how unhinged and lawless this liberal administration has become.”

I see the Obama administration’s actions as being those of a desperate politician taking desperate steps to try to hang on to the control that he is losing. I envision Obama as a person clawing at the sides of a cliff, grabbing anything he can to keep from falling to his doom and in this case, he’s trying to grab onto the illegal votes of thousands of illegals who are not citizens and have no right to vote or hold a valid driver’s license.

Unfortunately, this case is in the hands of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which is the most liberal court in all of America. It has repeatedly ruled in favor of liberal agendas rather than law and constitution. Therefore, it would not surprise me to see them rule quickly to strike down the Arizona law just in time for a flood of illegals to get their licenses and register to vote.

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