White House & State Dept. Knew It Was Terrorist Attack Within 2 Hours

Attempted cover-ups often backfire on those trying to cover up and in the case of President Barack Obama, Benghazi just may well be his last cover-up scheme.  Nixon’s cover-up of Watergate led to his resignation from the Oval Office.  Benghazi may just lead to Obama’s ouster from the oval office if American’s are stupid enough to re-elect him.

It is still under debate whether or not President Obama said that he thought the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist event or not.  One thing is clear; it took two weeks before the White House publically declared that the murders of the four Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi were the results of a planned terrorist attack.

When the bodies of the four men arrived in the U.S. on September 14, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta still weren’t saying that the Consulate massacre was a planned terrorist attack.  They told the families that they didn’t know and that they were still investigating what happened.

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Five days after the attack, Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations told the world that it was the result of the infamous video.

At the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, Biden said they didn’t know anything for some time after the attack.

Yet, information has now come forth that proves that the White House and State Departments were notified within two hours of the attack in Benghazi that that terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia had claimed responsibility.  I find it interesting that the terrorists behind the attack claimed responsibility weeks before our government officially acknowledged the same and nearly a month and half later our government officials are still not taking responsibility for denying the numerous requests from Chris Stevens for armed protection.  It kind of makes you think that our attackers are more credible than our government.

The vast amount of information that has surfaced in the past week or so clearly indicates that Obama lied, Clinton, lied, Biden lied, Panetta lied, and Rice lied to the families of the slain, to the American people and to the world.  No wonder no one has any respect for America these days.  Our entire leadership can’t be trusted to take care of their own diplomats and can’t be trusted to tell the American people the truth about anything.

And Obama wants us to trust him for four more years?  I’d trust a pedophile to run a daycare center before I’d trust Obama, Biden or Clinton to run our country.

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