White House Tweets Picture of Obama on a Throne


President Obama clearly thinks he’s a king, and he acts like one.

Not only does he pick and choose which laws to support and which to ignore (the Defense of Marriage Act, for example), but he’s so brazen about his contempt for the Constitution that in his last State of the Union speech, he openly told the entire world that he was going to ignore anything Congress did and pass his own laws through executive orders.

So in response to critics’ attacks on Obama’s unconstitutional, monarchical reign, how does the White House reply?

It tweets a picture of King Barry sitting on a throne. Really. Here’s the link.

Obama’s supporters think it’s hilarious.

Yeah. It’s about as funny as Palpatine announcing the “reorganization” of the Republic into the first Galactic Empire for a “safe and secure society.”

All hail His Majesty.



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