White House Violates Court Injunction and Issues Thousands of Work Permits to Illegals

If the person occupying the White House is supposed to set the prime example for all Americans, why should any of us obey any law ever again?

Barack Obama and his administration have willfully violated the US Constitution and federal laws on numerous occasions. All of them involved should have been imprisoned long ago for their many federal crimes.

Now we can add one more charge to the vast list of crimes committed by the Traitor-in-Chief and his followers.

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Shortly after the decisive Republican victory in last November’s elections, Obama issued his executive memo calling for the delayed deportation of millions of illegal aliens. His memo also called for issuing work permits and benefits to illegals.

On February 16, 2015, US District Judge Andrew Hanen issued an injunction that temporarily blocked Obama’s executive memo on illegal immigration until the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality and legality of his memo could be properly heard in court. That injunction means that no work permits were allowed to be handed out to illegals from that date on.

Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security informed Congress that all programs, including the issuing of work permits had been stopped from the time of Judge Hanen gave his temporary injunction.

Yet, last week, Justice Department attorneys admitted in Hanen’s court that thousands of three year work permits were issued to illegals after the injunction had been issued. Those actions could result in possible sanctions against everyone involved.

In an attempt to smooth over the defiance of the administration, DOJ attorneys informed Hanen that they are working to remedy the problem. Some reports indicate that Johnson is seeking to rescind the work permits; however other reports say that they will be promptly replaced with two year work permits instead of three year work permits.

Judge Hanen has heard nothing but lies and deception from Obama’s DOJ attorneys. First the reported much lower numbers of amnesty applications, only to find out that the administration had received over 100,000 applications from the time Obama issued his infamous memo to when Hanen issued his injunction.

Secondly, Obama’s attorneys had told Hanen that they had only approved 55 of the amnesty applications prior to his injunction. However, Hanen has learned that the number of approved amnesty applications was actually 72.

On these previous matters, Hanen was already considering some sort of sanctions against the DOJ and the administration. If I was Hanen, I would charge every attorney involved with perjury and ask for their dismissal from the bar. Congress should bring action against Johnson for his intentional lying to them. Finally, Hanen should realize the scope of the lies and deception on the part of the Obama administration and issue a final ruling that his executive memo was unconstitutional and illegal based on the fact that the Constitution states that only Congress can make changes to laws passed by Congress. The president does not have that power or authority and Obama’s butt should be in jail for the rest of his life, along with most of his staff and Cabinet members.


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