White Teen Beaten By Group of Blacks & No One Mentions Race

Why are the media and everyone else afraid to charge blacks with being racist? I don’t know of any laws that state only Caucasian people can be guilty of racism and not blacks.

Just look at the media from around the nation. Everyone focuses on any incident involving a Caucasian person, especially a police officer, and black victim. They are so focused on the racial issue that they appear to be completely blind to the fact that in most of these cases the so-called black victim was a criminal and resisting arrest or failing to comply with the police officers.

Yet there are many incidents of blacks attacking, beating, raping and murdering Caucasians that never make the news. When it does make the news, everyone is afraid to state the obvious that the crime was racially motivated.

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Take the case that just happened in Norwood, Ohio where a group of seven black teens began harassing and threatening Caucasians in a neighborhood. Kim Watkins said they started to threaten her son so she went out to stop it. In her own words she told the local media:

“I came out and tried to shoo them away. They cursed at me, they called me names, they threatened to shoot my house up.”

Watkins told her son to use his cell phone to video any wrong behavior from the gang of black teens and he did. Not long after, the gang of blacks attacked a 13 year old Caucasian boy who did not fight back. They first threatened and harassed him and then started hitting and kicking the teen who later told the media that he didn’t fight back because his school has a zero tolerance against fighting and he didn’t want to get kicked off the football team.

The 13 year old didn’t want to tell his grandmother about being beating up until the video that was recorded by Watkins’ son was shared on Facebook and started making the rounds. She took him to the hospital where the doctor said to watch him for any signs of a concussion.

Mary Baker, the teen’s grandmother wants the teens punished and blames their parents for allowing them act that way. She told the media:

“You guys don’t know what that video’s like to watch when it’s your own kid. And I don’t know how a parent can watch it – even the kids that did that. How could they watch that video and accept that.”

“What if it happened to them? How would they feel? They need to get some discipline. Apparently someone’s not paying attention.”

Lt. Ron Murphy of the Norwood Police Dept. said that they are using the video to identify the seven teens involved. So far they have been able to identify six of them and said that they will all face charges of assault. He told the media:

“You see these videos on social media and it’s getting very disturbing to me that nothing seems to be done but we’re going to do something”

But why hasn’t anyone even brought up the question of this attack along with the harassment and threatening being the result of racism? The gang of seven blacks was not observed targeting anyone else except the two Caucasian families. Had the color of their skin been reversed and it was a gang of Caucasians victimizing blacks, it would have been broadcast all over the nation as another racially motivated hate crime. Al Sharpton would have been in Norwood in a heartbeat holding a rope and demanding the teens be lynched.

Thanks to the lawless and racist example of Barack Obama and his Justice Department, blacks have taken on an attitude that they are above the law, especially if the law is being represented by a Caucasian. They feel that they can commit whatever crime they want and then refuse to cooperate with law enforcement because they are black and privileged.

When I was in my twenties, I applied for the Mesa Police Department. I passed every test and was looking forward to being a cop when they determined that my eyesight without my glasses did not meet their standards. I still have family and friends who are or who have been in law enforcement and I highly respect most law enforcement personnel.

But I would not want to be a cop these days, especially in an area that had a significant number of blacks or Hispanics, for fear of being jailed for doing my job. My heart goes out to every Caucasian law enforcement person who is steadfast in their duties and I pray that they never end up the scapegoat for the lawless actions of some black that gets injured during an arrest.

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