Who Is Really Out Of Touch With Middle and Lower Class Americans – Romney or Obama?

Barack Obama has wasted no time in launching attacks against the apparent Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  Among those attacks are his claims that Romney is so rich that he is completely out of touch with middle and lower class Americans.  Obama points to his own poor upbringings, although he fails to mention that it was benefactors like Bill Ayers and who knows else that put him through Harvard Law School and helped him get his career started.

So let’s take a look at the actions of these two men and you determine who is more in touch with the common American family that is struggling financially.

Have you ever seen or heard of Barack Obama getting his hands dirty to help a total stranger?  Or when is the last time you heard of Obama sitting down and listening to a typical family without it being in front of a camera and used for campaign purposes?

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While I do not agree with the theology of the Mormon Church, I do admire their emphasis for helping others.  For instance, the story about Romney closing down Bain Capital for three days to mount a huge search for a colleague’s missing 14 year old daughter is true.

Robert Gay had been agonizing for several days about their daughter Melissa Gay who had gone missing.  The only person at Bain Capital that Robert told was Mitt Romney.  Romney immediately went to the other partners at Bain and three hours later the executive team flew from Boston to New York City to mount the search.  Their printer printed up over 300,000 fliers with Melissa’s picture on it to be passed out.  Fifty-two Duane Reade drugstores, of which Bain was an investor, had their clerks putting fliers in every customer’s shopping bag.  The Bain office in Boston was literally shut down for three business days as they all worked to find the Gay’s daughter.  Eventually she was located and re-united with her parents.

About a month ago, I was watching the national news and saw an interview with a homeowner who had sustained storm damage when a huge tree had fallen.  One of Romney’s sons heard about the damage and offered to get some volunteers to help cut up the tree and dig out the stump.  The next day, the homeowner was surprised when he saw that one of the volunteers that young Romney had brought was his father.  Mitt Romney took time out of his campaign to jump in and help and he did it with no television cameras on hand.  Romney senior got dirty and worked up a sweat as he operated a chain saw on the tree and later was in the dirty hole digging out the roots and chopping them with an ax.  The only picture taken were by someone who was present on the scene, but very little about the incident was reported to the national media.

From what I have read and heard from others, this has long been a way of life in the Romney household.  Those close to him say that he and his sons are always willing to pitch in help others and get as dirty as the job makes it and they do it humbly and without seeking praise and accolades.

On CBS, This Morning program yesterday, Romney was talking about the importance of the economy and said that every day he is out on the campaign trail, he meets with one, two or three families and it is without cameras or press.  He listens to them tell him what is important to them and what they would like to see in a candidate.  It’s not done for media publicity.  He does it so that he knows what Americans want and need in a president.

The last time I recall hearing about Obama meeting with an average American, it was done at the White House with a beer and in front of cameras.  In fact, if you carefully watch both Barack and Michelle Obama when they are in crowds, they often have a look of superiority and disdain for the common folk as if they are something that has to be tolerated on occasion.

Obama has a track record of completely ignoring want Americans say they want.  All of the polls indicated that 70%-80% of Americans were against Obamacare, but he pushed it through anyway.  Similarly, nearly 60% of Americans were against the stimulus packages but Obama did what he wanted and ignored the will of the people.  Over 70% of Americans want stricter enforcement of immigration laws and border protection, but Obama defies federal law and allows millions of illegals to remain in the US.

I see Mitt Romney as being much more in touch with the average American than Barack Obama.  During the early stages of the Republican primaries, Mitt Romney was the least of my favorites.  But now that it appears that he will be the GOP candidate to face off against Barack Obama, I believe that he has a better understanding of people like you and I and will do more to help us than Obama, who has only ignored us time and time again.

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