Who Isn’t Obama Lying To?

If you placed all of Obama’s lies end to end they would probably stretch around the world.  And what I don’t understand is still how many people worship the man.

In yet another typical Obama hypocrisy, Obama hired long time Wall Street lobbyist Broderick Johnson as his new senior campaign advisor.

For the past month, Obama has openly supported the Occupy Wall Street movement and joined them in pointing the finger at Wall Street and the banking elite.  Yet, in another move that defies logic, the very elite that are being blamed for our economic woes are among some of the largest contributors to Obama’s re-election campaign.

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So now Obama stands in front of one microphone and crowd siding with the Occupiers all over the county and then runs over to another microphone and announces that he has just hired one of the enemy’s most active lobbyist to help him get re-elected.

So who isn’t Obama lying to?  Is he lying to the Occupiers or to Wall Street?  If you ask me, he’s lying to everyone, including himself.  He’s lied to the health care industry, he’s lied to the military, he’s lied to the financial world, he’s lied to big business, he’s lied to farmers, he’s lied to environmentalists, and he’s lied to every American.

It seems the only people he’s not lying to are the Muslims around the world and that should make all Americans extremely nervous.

If this had happened a century ago, Obama would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail; that is if they didn’t take more drastic measures with him first.  Perhaps we need some old time justice to clean up American politics.

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