Who Let the Russians Meddle?

While Democrats have been wailing about “Russia meddling in our democracy!” since the night President Trump was elected, our response has been,  “We do not have a democracy, but a representative republic and how does Russia meddle in 3141 county elections when none of the voting machines are on line?”

Our national elections are a mess!

We have never had an answer from any liberal talk show host we have been able to ask or any Democrat in conversation.   We are amazed to see a published national consensus it actually happened!

However, the only polling we can find on this issue conclude: Russia meddled for Trump:  49.9% and Russia did not meddle for Trump: 50.1%.  Inconclusive!  Is anything wrong with the nationally broadcast conclusion?  Does a bird have feathers?

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But, no one has published how it could have been done so we attempted to devise a way:

The best strategy would be for Russia to register false Republican voters and then have several million secret agents in the United States vote for Mr. Trump in the election using those names.  The registrations could be done from Russia as County Registrars are on line an as long as there was link from their on-line facility to the Registration files the false names could be input after the proper format for each county was determined.

The work would have to be over a long period of time as it is possible the Registrar computer people would notice a big block of new voters suddenly appearing in the database one morning.  Each record would have to include an existing address and they would have to hope the Registrar had no address checking software to detect false registrations.

The problem with this is that it would take a lot of time and money to send recruiters from Russia and have them convince several million Americans they should commit felonies even if great amounts of money were offered.  This plan seems patently unworkable and we have been unable to come up with something cheap and effective.  However…

Where there is a potential for this plan to work we feel there should be a serious attempt to cleanse every county voter registration role of all voters who have moved away or are dead as it is known that in 22 of 58 counties of California, 38%, more people appear to vote every election than they have of voting age from the official census.  This means that 38% of the California vote is corrupted and should be discounted until cleansed.

Meanwhile, back at the Russian case we have to wonder why Russian Television in Washington, DC, had eight commentators all expressing a Hillary preference when it is the Democrat National Committee’s complaint Russia was for Mr. Trump!  It only seems reasonable that if Russia were for Mr. Trump their paid commentators would be promoting his case instead of criticizing it  as they did.

Where 17 intelligence bureaus have declared that Russia hacked the 2016 election for Mr. Trump then we expect the Democratic National Party would quickly endorse a cleansing of all false registrations, dead people and illegal aliens and perhaps a computer monitoring system for future elections as well as a required picture identification document like a state Drivers License, Federal passport or some such before the bearer is allowed to vote.  We have to here thank the Democratic National Committee for making this the issue they have wanted it to be and put an end to Russia meddling in our elections.

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