Who Will the Secret Service Vote For?

I once had the opportunity to speak to a gentleman that served with the Arkansas State Police. For the last couple years of his police career, he served on the detail that protected then governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. He told me that the Clinton’s were very demeaning and disrespectful to all of the state police that were assigned to protect them. Even though this former officer was white, he said that he understood how the black slaves were treated as that was how the Clinton’s treated them, especially from Hillary. Among his fellow officers, there wasn’t a one of them that liked the Clintons. He said that as much as they feared the Clintons and what they would do to the country, they were just glad he went to Washington so they didn’t have to put up with any more of their abuse.

Years ago, I had the privilege of working on a committee with both Democrats and Republicans. I sat next to former Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater. Goldwater was the most honest politician I knew. He was warm and courteous to everyone except those who he believed didn’t deserve respect. Also on that committee was then Arizona Attorney General Bruce Babbitt. Babbitt treated most of the committee members and others as if we were hired help and were beneath him. He was arrogant and rude to virtually everyone. I wish I could write down a confrontation between Goldwater and Babbitt, but I refrain from using that kind of language. All I will say is that Babbitt and his wife Hattie were just like the Clinton’s and Goldwater called him on it. Babbitt couldn’t take hearing the truth and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a politician so red in the face angry that day as was Babbitt. It didn’t surprise me when Bill Clinton made Babbitt Secretary of the Interior.

No one gets to know a politician better than those assigned to protect them. Whether state police or Secret Service these men and women are with the politician all day and sometimes even the night. They see and hear things that most others never get a chance to. They just don’t see what’s presented to the public, but they see the daily interactions of the politician and what he or she is really like.
In the case of the President and Vice President, the role of protection is given to the men and women of Secret Service. These human shields know that each and every day that they may be required to sacrifice themselves to insure the safety of the nation’s top leaders and their families. As such, you would expect the President and Vice President and their families to treat the members of the Secret Service with respect and kindness as their lives rest in the agent’s hands.

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Like most of you, I get things forwarded to me on a regular basis and half of it I delete without ever looking at it. However, I did open and watch the video below sent to me by a dear friend. Watch the video and then I will tell you a little about Wild Bill.

I’ve heard the same thing from military personnel assigned to work with Presidents in the past and they all tell the same things about the way they are treated by the different presidents and first ladies. Marines on Presidents Bush and Bush’s staffs loved working him them and their families, but hated the Clintons with a passion for the way they were treated.

Wild Bill, as he calls himself, was a graduate of the Colorado Law Enforcement Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Academy and the US Marshall’s Academy. He has served as a Deputy Sheriff in Colorado and as a Federal US Deputy Marshall. He is a devout Christian who has served on the mission field and continues to strive to promote the Gospel.

Wild Bill was one of the earliest Tea Party members and has been actively involved with the Tea Party to help educate Americans about what is happening in our country. He has also spent a great deal of time studying Islam and regularly speaks out about what they truly teach. With his background in law enforcement and especially in personal security, he now helps to train security teams to help protect missionaries around the world. If I were you, I would take what Will Bill shares in the video to heart, especially when it comes time to vote and place people in high offices.

So who do you think members of the Secret Service and US Marshalls will vote for come 2012?

I hope and pray that you share this blog and video with everyone you know and help get the word out before the next election.

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