McConnell Wants to Punch Conservatives ‘Bullies’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hates the Tea Party, that much is clear.

He hates Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

He also hates the Senate Conservatives Fund.

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And he hates those conservatives trying to unseat him in his Kentucky home district.

More broadly, he hates anyone and everyone who supported defunding Obamacare.

It’s tempting to infer that McConnell just hates conservatives in general, although that may not be entirely accurate.

Still, it would be an easy conclusion, based on McConnell’s past public statements, and especially based on his conversation on an Oct. 30 conference call, during which he apparently said the Tea Party is “nothing but a bunch of bullies,” then added, “You know how you deal with schoolyard bullies? You punch them in the nose, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Since McConnell and his staff have refused to release a transcript of the call, there are conflicting accounts whether McConnell was actually referring to the Tea Party, the Senate Conservatives Fund or conservatives in general.

What’s been verified by the Washington Examiner, despite McConnell’s staff’s flat denial, are the statements about bullies and wanting to punch conservatives in the nose.

All of which is somewhat puzzling because McConnell is a leader in the Republican Party, the allegedly conservative political party.

McConnell’s attitude and statements underscore clearly what the problem is with the GOP: Its leaders would rather play footsies with the Democrats than lift a finger to stop the government power play, massive tax hike and theft of individual freedom that is Obamacare.

There are millions of registered Republicans who understand that socialism is evil to its core and that Obamacare is nothing but government control and the enriching of an elite cadre of already-wealthy individuals at the expense of the common American.

McConnell is not one of those Republicans.

McConnell is a weak-chinned, flabby-jowled opportunist who believes he is entitled to his leadership post and everyone else is entitled to do what he says. A modern imperialist through and through, he far less resembles a freedom-loving conservative than he does a compromising aristocrat eager to profit from the pain inflicted on his own people by a growing dictatorship.

It is his viewpoint, sadly, that has won out so far in the Senate, that has shepherded socialized medicine into reality and that has stood blankly by while the disaster unfolded.

It is also under McConnell’s leadership that the Democrats this week got away with a shameless power grab by  changing the rules about ending filibusters of presidential nominees for judgeships and executive positions. The filibuster is a tool that has been in place for two and a half centuries to ensure that no single party can exercise unchallenged authority.

Instead, McConnell dawdled while the Senate handed President Obama the opportunity for guaranteed approval of all his nominees, even to the most outrageously radical.

McConnell won’t listen to or allow any differing points of view, and yet he is the one complaining of bullies and saying he wants to punch conservatives in the nose.

Who’s the real bully, Mitch?

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