Who’s Holding America Hostage?

At the moment, the United States is being held hostage with its need for oil.  Most people believe that it is the Middle East countries and Venezuela that is holding us hostage.  Other’s believe it is the oil industry itself holding us hostage and gouging our wallets every time we pull up to the gas pump.

But who is really holding us hostage when it comes to America’s fuel needs?

Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma is the top Republican on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.  In a recent interview, he said:

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 The United States of America has the largest recoverable reserves of coal, oil and gas of any place in the world. We could be completely self-sufficient just in this hemisphere, except for Obama and the Democrats who won’t let us drill. If we could open up the Gulf, the east coast, the west coast and the North Slope and our public land, we wouldn’t have to import one barrel of oil from the Middle East… We have all of this supply. We have all of this demand. We can meet our demands locally with our own resources, but the liberal politicians, in this case the Democrats, won’t let us do it.

Senator Inhofe also pointed out that the moratoria on drilling was not a bipartisan issue, but rested solely on the shoulders of the Democrats.  They are the ones blocking access to our nation’s energy resources.  Perhaps had Republicans made this known at last year’s midterm elections, they would have control of both the Senate and the House.

Who is holding America hostage?  The liberal Democrats!

The best way to free ourselves from our captors is to remove everyone of them in the next election and replace them with individuals who actually care for the American people.

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