Who’s the Real Villain in the Debt Talks?

The number one news story for the past month has been the debt talks taking place on Capitol Hill.  Depending on which news agency you read or listen to, the villain or villains in the debt talks vary.  Some blame President Obama, others blame Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats, some blame John Boehner and the House Republicans and some are vilifying Tea Party members.

In reality, the media pointing the finger of blame at others is the real villain in the debt talks more so than those they are blaming.

Every news agency is biased based on their own political views and agendas and depending on what their views are determines what and how they report what is going on.

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Bob Schieffer of CBS is one of many using scare tactics by claiming that Social Security checks won’t be sent out if Congress doesn’t act by August 2.  Sandra Endo of CNN similarly reported from a senior center with the threat of halted Social Security and Medicaid payments if the debt ceiling is not raised.

Brian Williams of NBC’s Dateline, is trying to fuel the debate by demanding a response from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to the question of why rich folks should not pay more in taxes, even though the latest Democratic proposal in the Senate has removed a tax hike as part of their plan.  And Sam Stein of the Huffington Post is claiming that the Republican plan will actually hurt the economy and recovery efforts by not increasing taxes.

Some other news agencies report that if the debt talks are not resolved and the debt ceiling raised in the next 4 days that the US will default on its debt obligations, interest rates will rise, our military will not get paid, seniors will be left destitute, welfare recipients will be left without their programs and on.  If you listen to all of them, the country will come to a screeching halt leaving thousands of soldiers and seniors and welfare recipients high and dry.

Yet at the same time, many politicians are stating that this will not happen.  It has been reported that President Obama has told banks that the US will not default.  Other politicians have stated that the military will still get paid and that seniors will continue to get their Social Security checks.

What is the truth?  Does anyone really know?

One thing is for sure.  The media is the real villain to the American public by distorting the truth.

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