Whose Side is Barack Obama On: Ours or Iran’s?

When President George Bush was president, he took a strong stand with Iran and their nuclear program.  He led the efforts to place a number of strict UN sanctions against Iran pending the suspension of their uranium enrichment program.

Shortly after taking office in 2009, Barack Obama decided to take a different approach with Iran.  Instead of the strong stance of the Bush administration, Obama chose to try peaceful negotiations.  At the time it was believed that Iran was in possession of 1.3 tons of low-enriched uranium considered to be only about 3.5% enriched.

According to the report of an ex-CIA spy that had infiltrated Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the Islamic government saw Obama’s gesture of peace and negotiations as a sign of weakness.  They also saw the US’s weakness as a chance to stall any serious consequences for their nuclear program and give them time to further enrich their uranium to help bring it up to weapons grade.

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Most reports currently place Iran’s uranium to be at the 20% enrichment stage.  This is not enriched enough for weapons grade, but it is close enough that it could easily be enriched further in a relatively short period of time.

After a year of failed negotiations, it seems Obama realized that he needed to do something else, so he finally turned to sanctions.  However, his version of sanctions were nothing more than scolding a naughty child, giving them a little slap on the wrist and then telling them to never do it again.  Again, according to the ex-CIA agent, Iran’s leading clerics saw Obama’s sanctions as a sign of weakness and made them believe that the US was impotent and unable to do anything to stop them.

During Obama’s wimpy stance on Iran, they managed to increase their stockpile of enriched uranium from the 1.3 tons to over 5.5 tons.  They continue to process their uranium to bring it up from the 3.5% level to the 20% level at two facilities within Iran.

Knowing that the current sanctions have been less than effective, Obama again led a round of negotiations that just took place in Istanbul.  And once again, Obama showed the Islamic regime of Iran just how weak and impotent the US is by offering Iran acceptance of their nuclear program providing they ceased all procedures to enrich the uranium they have on hand to the 20% level.

Instead of spanking the dickens out of the naughty child, Obama chose to let them keep their ill-gotten toys and once again to promise not to do what they keep doing despite being repeatedly told not to do it.  Each and every time Obama does something like this, Iran and their Islamic leaders see it as an encouragement to continue to carry out their nuclear program.  They see the US as completely inept and powerless to stop them.

Regardless of what Barack Obama says publicly, his actions indicate that he is assisting and abetting Iran and their nuclear program.  He has done nothing to improve US national security or the security of any of our allies, especially Israel.  Iran continues to preach for the total annihilation of Israel and Jews in the region and Obama’s failure to exert any show of strength has only helped to empower and embolden Iran to escalate their uranium enrichment program and their plans to destroy Israel.

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