Why Are Blacks the Only Ones Allowed to Use Racial Slurs?

Have you ever noticed that any time a white person says anything off color about any other minority or ethnic group; critics are all over them like flies on out outhouse.  News anchors and sportscasters have been reprimanded and even fired for allowing racial slurs to escape their lips.

I’ve even seen Hispanics raked over the coals for using racial slurs concerning blacks.  One Mexican-American I know was given a written reprimand and ordered to attend diversity and sensitivity training because she referred to a black person as a negro.  In reality, she was discussing a book she was reading that told about the plight of black slaves trying to escape to the north before the Civil War with a friend of hers at lunch and was overheard using the term by a black lady at a neighboring table.  In her tirade against the Mexican-American, the black lady referred to her as a ‘wetback’ and a ‘spic’ but no action was taken against the black lady for her use of derogatory racial slurs.

Now it seems that the same exclusivity is allowed for black politicians and no others.

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New Mexico State Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton, who happens to be black, took issue to reports that she is being investigated for unethical behavior.  Stapleton verbally and loudly attacked Republican State Representative Nora Espinoza about the report.  During the altercation Stapleton referred to New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez as ‘the Mexican’ in describing Espinoza as ‘carrying the Mexican’s water’.  Stapleton believes the governor was the source of the reported investigation.

Rep Espinoza said that she was surprised by the comment and was offended by Stapleton’s ‘the Mexican’ comment and said that it is an ethics violation for a legislator, but to date, no one seems to be demanding any action be taken against her.  Yet, Stapleton believes that her confrontation was civil and that nothing she said was personal even though others that witnessed the event reported that she was quite loud and belligerent.

I assure you that had the roles been reversed and Espinoza referred to Stapleton as, ‘the black’ that Stapleton would be screaming louder than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.  There is a distinct double standard when it comes to the black community and all others.  They can say and do things that are offensive to others, but if the others complain, they are the ones accused of being bigots and prejudice.  But the second anything racial or ethnic comes out of the mouth of a Caucasian, they are immediately convicted of racial prejudice and hate language and I for one am getting sick and tired of their special treatment.  If they want equality, they have to give it also.

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