Why Are Democrats Still Supporting a Compulsive Liar?

Former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a compulsive liar and yet she continues to lead the polls for the Democratic choice for 2016. Are liberal Democrats that loyal to her or just plain stupid?

Let’s start with the Benghazi scandal. Hillary first said the attack was due to an underground anti-Muslim video. After it was soon revealed the attack had nothing to do with the video, she denied blaming it on the video in the first place.

Hillary said they had no prior warning of any eminent danger to the embassy compound in Benghazi, but correspondence from slain US Ambassador Christopher Stevens revealed he had been warning of the dangers and requesting extra security for the six months prior to the attack.

When the bodies of Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty arrived in the US, Hillary stood face to face with the families and promised them she would find out what happened and that she would keep them appraised at all times. A year later, two of the parents testified before Congress that they had not heard a word from anyone on their sons’ deaths since that day.

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Let’s turn to Hillary’s email scandal. From the start, Hillary claimed that she set up the clintonemail.com server so she could use just one device for everything. If that’s the case, then why did she continue to carry several devices?

When asked to turn over all of her emails, she delayed and then said that most of them had been lost or deleted. Yet it didn’t take investigators long to find them.

When Hillary finally did hand over her emails, she claimed that it was everything. Judicial Watch found gaps in the ‘everything,’ some of which covered several months.

When asked if she had ever used her personal email server to send or receive classified emails, she emphatically said no over and over again. Yet the more investigators looked into her personal server and email accounts, they found classified information.

Now there is a scandal involving Hillary’s closest aide, Huma Abedin. When Hillary was Secretary of State, Abedin was at her side every step of the way. She was paid by the State Department to serve as Hillary’s aide. Now it’s been discovered that at the same time, Abedin was also working for the Clinton Foundation and Teneo, a private firm with ties to the Clintons.

Hillary was recently asked if it was appropriate for Abedin to be receiving a salary from the State Department while also being paid by outside firms that were tied to both her and her husband. Hillary’s response was that she was not directly involved in any of those decisions but then said that it had been approved by the regulations of the State Department.

However, Judicial Watch uncovered documents showing that Hillary had signed off on the approval of Abedin’s special status, so she was more than directly involved and caught in another lie.

In reporting on Hillary Clinton’s track record of constant lies, Investors Business Daily concluded (and so will I) with this:

“At this point, you really have to start to wonder just how many Clinton lies have to be exposed before the Democratic Party shows her the door.”

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