Why Are Republicans Remaining Silent on Libya?

CNN’s Kyra Phillips has questioned the silence of the GOP presidential candidates on what has been happening in Libya. She feels that the time is perfect for the Republicans to reveal their savvy on foreign policy.

Then CNN analyst Roland Martin went even further when he stated:

“They know the actions the President took was the right action, but then you have the folks on the right who say, well, like Senator John McCain, he should have done something sooner. But then remember you also had the House Republicans who also wanted to pass a resolution saying you should not be taking any action in Libya, and so they don’t want to say anything. That’s called weakness. You want to be President? Say something. They are simply wimps.”

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Perhaps these CNN buffoons are confusing priorities with strength or speaking out. One also has to realize that these CNN reporters are so far to the left that they’re in danger of falling completely off the fence.

The liberal media have repeatedly used international events to try to get American’s attention focused elsewhere instead of on the problems at home. Bin Laden’s death and the British royal wedding are just a couple of examples of the media deflection tactics.

However, Republicans are focusing all, or most of their attention on the problems here at home. GOP candidates are more concerned about America’s floundering economy, sagging job market and the millions of Americans losing their homes and I for one applaud them for doing so.

If America can’t resolve its own problems, we’re not going to be any good to the rest of world anyway and Republicans are aware of it.

I strongly urge the CNN reporters to report the news and keep their liberal left-wing idiocy to themselves.

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