Why Are We Protecting the Borders of Other Countries When We Can’t Protect Our Own?

All of the combat troops are supposed to be out of Iraq, but combat forces still remain in Afghanistan.  Since I can remember, we have been involved in protecting Vietnam, Grenada, Bahrain, Panama, Iraq, Pakistan and I’ve probably forgot a few other nations.

Thousands of American men and women have given their lives to protect these other nations.  Hundreds of thousands have been injured and maimed while faithfully serving our nation’s call to help other countries.

But what about our own nation?  Who is protecting us from invasion?

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Homeland Security, FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement?  Give me a break.

America is under attack by foreign nationals.  Over 10 million of them have infiltrated our country.  They’re stealing jobs from American citizens, resulting in economic chaos in many regions of the nation.  It costs nearly $30,000 to arrest and deport every illegal caught.  They are given numerous free benefits that not even American citizens receive.  They are draining American taxpayers like leaches sucking the blood out of a struggling animal.

Under the National Defense Authorization Act, proposed and passed by the liberal Democratic leadership, states that anyone considered to be a threat to the United States can be arrest and detained indefinitely without due process.  If this is true, then wouldn’t you consider aliens that violate federal laws by entering our country illegally for the express purpose of stealing jobs and abusing the free benefits provided by bleeding heart liberals to be a threat to our nation?

Then according to the NDAA, the military can arrest and detain them until their proof of citizenship can be determined.  Those that are proven to be in the country illegally can then be deported by the military.  I’m sure using US military personnel and facilities will be much cheaper than the current system being used by ICE and Homeland Security.

Being in the custody of the military under the NDAA will also mean that they will not be receiving all of the free benefits other than a cell and three meals a day.

Therefore, I would like to see the United States of America use our military to protect our own borders and to fight the war on illegal immigration and the devastating effects it has on our nation and people.  Let’s stop being the world’s police and be our own national security police.

Protect America first, the world second!

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