Why Aren’t Muslim Business Owners Targeted by Gays?

Homosexuality in any form is not only a sin to Christians, but also to Jews and Muslims. In some Muslim nations, gays are imprisoned, tortured and executed. Homosexuality is less tolerated by Muslims than by Christians and Jews, so why aren’t gays targeting Muslim businesses?

All we hear about is one Christian business owner after another being sued by homosexuals because they were exercising their First Amendment rights of freedom of religion by denying to be part of a same-sex ceremony. In reality, many of these lawsuits are a form of religious discrimination AGAINST Christians since there are other businesses in the area that will cater to homosexual requests.

I’ve seen Christians forced to close their businesses and lose their livelihood over the discrimination waged against them by agenda driven gays. Such is the case with Barronelle Stutzman of Richland, Washington, the owner of florist shop. Her case was just tried in court and there was a chance that she would lose her business, and possibly all of her life savings and even her house.

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The two gay men, who were long time customers and supposed friends don’t care about Stutzman’s religious rights or her wellbeing. Their lawsuit could have left the 70 year old grandmother penniless and homeless. She argued in front of the judge that a guilty decision would be financially devastating to her. Even though she was found guilty, the judge had some mercy on her by giving her 60 days to pay a $1,000 fine plus $1 in court fees.

But when have you heard about gays targeting businesses run by Muslims? In places like Dearborn, Michigan and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Muslims have virtually taken over the area and now control local government, schools and many businesses. Aren’t there any gays with the guts to walk into a Muslim owned florist shop and place an order for their same-sex ceremony?

Are gays afraid of Muslims because they are far less tolerant than Christians and may retaliate against them? Or are they purposely targeting Christians since America was once a Christian nation and many of our laws, traditions and morals are based upon Christian teaching? If that’s the case, what will homosexuals do once Obama has completed his conversion of America to Islam? Will these same gays hold to their sinful and perverse agenda and start targeting Muslims?

Somehow I think not. Muslims don’t roll over and surrender like Christians have been doing over the past 50 years. Muslims fight for their way of life and if they do gain control of America, homosexuals, transgender and otherwise sexually confused people had better make plans to leave the country because Muslims in control will discriminate against them more severely than Christians are accused of.

Thus we have the story of the cowardly hypocrisy of gay rights advocates who attack Christians but avoid attacking Muslims for treating them the same.

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