Why Do I Have to Pay for Someone Else’s Abortion?

Abortion has been a hotly contested issue for over forty years. Proponents believe that women should have the right over what happens in their body, and opponents believe that abortion is the murder of unborn children, hence the reason why the national controversy.

As for myself, I believe that abortion is murder in the first degree as it is premeditated. It is morally, ethically and legally wrong. It goes against every bit of my inner most being.

So why am I forced to pay for someone else’s abortion when it is reprehensibly wrong to me?

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The federal government subsidizes about one third of the annual budget for Planned Parenthood, the organization responsible for more murders than street gangs. $363 million dollars of taxpayer money is paying for women who, for the most part, are committing fornication by having sex out of wedlock, adultery by cheating on their spouse or guilty of poor planning by not taking the proper precautions before having sexual relations.

Part of Planned Parenthood’s operation is to also provide birth control to thousands of teens and young adults who are not married, thus condoning premarital or extramarital sex, better known as fornication and adultery.

The issue of federal government funding of Planned Parenthood came to a head in the recent debt talks. Republicans, who were seriously trying to cut federal spending, wanted to cut the funding to the private organization. Democrats insisted that federal funding to Planned Parenthood was an absolute necessity and refused to budge on the issue.

Democrats wanted to know how these Republicans were wiling to allow the federal government to shut down and default on its loans, over the Planned Parenthood funding issue. Republicans were asking Democrats the same question.

Some states, such as Kansas, passed laws to block federal funding of Planned Parenthood operations within their state. However, on Monday, another liberal federal judge declared the Kansas law to be unconstitutional, thus paving the way for the baby killingr organization to continue to misuse taxpayer dollars.

So once again I ask the question of why my hard earned tax dollars are going to pay for murder, fornication, adultery and poor individual planning?

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