Why Do Illegals Want to Change the American Lifestyle They Came Here For?

If you ask most illegal aliens why they came to America, you will get a variety of responses.

Some will say they came here to escape the corruption taking place in their homeland. Either the government is corrupt or the area is controlled by drug cartels or anti-government rebels.

Others will tell you that the crime rate where they came from is extremely high. Robberies, physical and sexual assaults, rape, incest, human trafficking, drug use, alcoholism and murder are far too common in their homeland so they leave everything behind to find a better life here in the US.

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Escaping poverty is another reason given. In some areas where illegals come from, a year’s wages is no higher than $1,000 US. Consequently, there are few jobs, high disease and hunger. They come here for a better life and chance to rise above the squalor of their homelands.

I’ve even talked to some illegals over the years that say they came here just to get rich and drive fancy cars and live in big houses. They believe that most Americans are wealthy and live a life of luxury.

Yet when you look at the areas where many illegals reside here in our country, they quickly become much like the filth, squalor and high crime that they left behind.

I lived in Mesa, Arizona for over 35 years. The neighborhood I lived in for the last 10 years was a very nice family friendly area. You weren’t afraid to take casual walks at night or let you kids play outside. My daughters often walked a mile to high school with little worry about their safety.

Shortly after I moved from that neighborhood, I heard from family and friends that a huge influx of Hispanics, mostly illegal, moved into our old neighborhood. A number of single family homes were housing up to 30 or more illegals. It didn’t take long before the crime rates in the area shot sky high. Burglaries, physical and sexual assaults, rapes and murders all increased significantly.

I drove through the old neighborhood three years ago and felt like I was driving in Mexico. Most of the houses and yards looked trashed and unkempt. The area was covered with vulgar graffiti. Most of the neighbors we knew had moved away to other areas and property values were much lower, even taking in consideration the collapse of the housing market.

Most of the stores that we used to shop had changed owners and converted into Mexican oriented stores. I went into the grocery store I used to shop at and most of the signs and labels were in Spanish only, no English and everyone looked at me like I was intruding into their country. The public schools in the area are now teaching many classes in Spanish instead of English.

This has happened not only where I used to live but in many places throughout our nation. As illegals flock in, neighborhoods go downhill. The illegals have been making demands of local governments and schools to cater to them and their culture. Cinco de Mayo, May 5 or Mexican Independence Day, is a bigger celebration in many southwestern states than the Fourth of July is.

So many illegals claim they want to escape these types of conditions in their homelands only to recreate them here in America. In many areas of the Southwest, especially along the Mexican border, illegals have completely destroyed the economy and culture, yet Obama and his liberal Democrats continue to welcome illegals and give them more benefits that you and I have.

Illegals are NOT helping America, they are destroying America and we must take action to stop them and send them all back home before it’s too late.


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